Have you ever noticed how, when you’re outdoors immersed in the natural world, you feel energised and invigorated? This relationship with nature is vital to our wellbeing as our modern lifestyles draw us further and further away from it. Spending time in the garden is one

Create your own self-sufficient edible food forest to feed your family year-round. Food forests are thought to be the world’s oldest form of land use and most resilient agroecosystem.The concept conjures up in my mind beautiful Garden of Eden-like scenes of trees heavy-laden with fruit, birdsong

Discover the simple pleasures of macramé with this easy hanger  Macramé is an ancient craft dating from Babylonian times. At its most basic, twine or string is cut into lengths and retied using a series of knots. But macramé can also be very ornate, involving hundreds

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