Why it’s no longer a “boys’ club”.  Have you invested before? Maybe in property, the share market or cryptocurrency? Chances are, if you answered no and you’re female, you’re not alone.  Research shows that women have always been behind in the investing game, and not necessarily through

Illustrated by Bridget Daulby MADE IN PARTNERSHIP WITH GOOD X HATCH. Oh, the complexities of money! Money can be linked to feelings of power, exhilaration, and being in control, but it can also cause fear, guilt, shame and envy. Did you know that your relationship with money started

Hatch co-founders Kristen Lunman and Natalie Ferguson host Wednesday webinars for everyone interested in putting their money to work in the share markets. No matter where you are on your investing path, Wine & Wealth Wednesday is a safe space where you can get the answers to

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