Who said guacamole only had to be made solely with avocados? This vegan-friendly, gluten-free broccoli guacamole, from globally renowned Chiva-Som International Health Resort in Thailand, is packed with nutritional goodness without compromising on flavour and taste.  Broccoli is an excellent source of protein, fibre, iron, selenium

There are a few tricks to growing avocados successfully but the preparation is so worth it. Could there be a more perfect food than the avocado? I think not. Creamy, fatty (but good fatty), delicious with almost everything, and oh so healthy – it’s hard to

From issue 59. Recipe Caralee Caldwell, photography Jo Anderson. This dessert is so decadent, you would never guess the main ingredient is stress-easing avocado. If you can’t get your hands on a pomegranate, try using raspberries, blueberries or finely chopped orange. Feeling stressed? Bliss out eating this as anandamide,

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