NZ’s local sleep experts SleepDrops have teamed up with the global sleep experts at Oura to conduct the first-of-its-kind sleep data collection and supplement study. Oura ring is the most stylish, comfortable and accurate sleep tech in the world. You simply wear the ring and

In our culture, the value of pleasure is sometimes underestimated. But sources of pleasure, such as our hobbies, aren’t just the opposite of work. Rather, they provide numerous benefits that promote psychological health and help us build a good life: Providing novelty We can’t change careers too

In my past columns, I’ve talked about three routes to happiness. You can strive for a happy life, a meaningful life, or a rich life (one that’s filled with variety and experiences that change your perspective). These pathways are mostly based on what you do.

CannaPlus+ is New Zealand’s first internationally affiliated Medicinal Cannabis clinic network and telemedicine platform. Established in 2021, CannaPlus+ has secured an exclusive licensing agreement with CannaWay; Canada’s largest physician-led medical cannabis network. Good sat down and talked with founder and CEO, Eva Neshat and CMO Dr Afraz

We all know exercise, healthy foods, and deep breaths can help us when we’re feeling down or anxious, but understanding the science behind why it helps, is equally as important.  With one in four Kiwis at risk of developing mental health struggles, anxiety is one of the most

Main image by Nathan Dumlao, Unsplash As International Stress Awareness Month draws to a close, a survey has revealed that Kiwis spend more than a week out of every year worrying. Rehabilitation supplier, Active+, surveyed 835 New Zealanders to find out what they worry about on a

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