Support healthy digestion and metabolism with NZFOS+ prebiotics


Do you suffer from IBS, bloating or slow digestion?

NZFOS+ is a prebiotic and antioxidant that could offer much-needed relief. Originally developed for the management of diabetes, it has proven beneficial for a range of gut-related conditions.

Made from yacon concentrate, NZFOS+ is rich in fibrous FOS, a type of plant sugar. In fact, NZFOS+ contains more FOS than we can normally consume in our diet – so it’s a real gut superstar! FOS is fermented by our ‘good’ gut microbes, which increases their activity, while making the microbiome hostile to pathogens.

The FOS fibre in NZFOS+ is proven to produce short chain fatty acids – the post-biotics that make a huge difference to health conditions from diabetes to obesity. In fact, NZFOS+ has been shown to effectively treat fatty liver disease, manage cholesterol levels and autoimmune diseases and ease the symptoms of IBS.

Plus, NZFOS+ also contains a huge amount of active antioxidants, which have an anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory effect. That means it can help protect against developing chronic diseases, manage conditions like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis and improve cell regeneration.

If you’re keen to boost your gut health and support your overall wellbeing, NZFOS+ is the perfect choice.

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