Strawberry sensation

A fresh summery bowl bursting with vitamin C goodness 

Recipe Rachel Grunwell. Photography Aimee Finlay-Magne. Styling Aimee Finlay-Magne and Maria Fernandez Salom.

Smoothie bowls are so much more than a quick snack that you’d devour in one hit. Savour your smoothie bowl as a full breakfast or lunch option. Be creative and layer nutrient-dense ingredients on top like natural muesli, granola, nuts, coconut chips or fresh fruits that are in season. Or just use whatever is handy in your fruit bowl. I love to add protein powder to mine if I eat them after running or teaching yoga.

The hero ingredient in this recipe is strawberries. This fruit is a source of vitamin C which is crucial for lots of processes in the body including immune function and collagen creation (promoting healthy youthful skin).

Strawberry Blonde Smoothie Bowl

1 punnet strawberries (leaves removed)
½ cup almond milk
2 frozen bananas
1 tsp raw maca powder (We used Ceres Organics)
3 raw pitted dates (We used Ceres Organics, which ideally are softened in water beforehand)
4 ice cubes
1 tsp manuka honey (We used The True Honey Co brand)
pinch each of vanilla bean powder and cinnamon
1 tsp lime juice
sprinkle of freeze-dried raspberries

Place all the ingredients in a blender (we used a Vitamix) and mix until smooth then place in a bowl. Top with a swirl of yoghurt and your favourite topping. This one has slices of orange and banana, strawberries, bee pollen and freeze-dried raspberries. This recipe makes enough for two – perfect for sharing. 

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