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Toilet tissues are a necessity, but is it necessary that they are wrapped in plastic? It’s a conundrum many sustainably minded shoppers faced when doing their weekly shop. It’s a view EarthSmart shares, which is why they are on a mission to always improve with a product range developed exclusively to be smarter for the planet and smarter for you.

They research their products to understand not only how they impact your wellbeing, but also their impact on the environment. Sometimes their projects take years to find the right solutions, but they believe the effort is worth it.

Which is why they created an alternative to plastic-wrapped loo roll. Their paper pack is made from sustainably sourced recyclable paper which supports the creation of a circular economy. The toilet tissue itself is recycled from unwanted office paper that would otherwise go to a landfill.

The recyclable paper pack is sustainably sourced from certified fibre. The toilet tissue is not bleached with chlorine during recycling and has no dyes or fragrances added either. Made in New Zealand it is a long roll which helps reduce EarthSmart’s environmental footprint by delivering more tissue in less packaging, as well as reducing plastic waste with less transport impact.

But they didn’t stop at paper-packaged, recycled-paper toilet tissue. With our tamariki in mind, EarthSmart launched the first supermarket biodegradable water-based baby wipes made right here in Aotearoa.

The story of EarthSmart’s Aquawipes began when a mum was on a mission to convince her workplace that a better baby wipe was needed that also helps protect the environment for future generations. The result? A baby wipe that is made with 99.8% purified water, biodegradable bamboo fibre, and contains no harmful chemicals, parabens, alcohol, soap, nor plastic – making them kind on the most sensitive of skins and the environment.

With no nasties, the wipes are hypoallergenic and naturally kind to baby’s sensitive skin and the environment.

New facial tissues
Their new facial tissues are also made with 100% recyclable, plastic-free packaging. The Eco tissues are made from Rapidly Renewable Fibre (RRF) which means EarthSmart plant fast growing trees, harvest them every 6 years, and replant within a year for a fast green cycle. The 100% recycled tissues are made from things like old magazines and office waste paper making them a smart choice for the planet.

Community support
In addition to providing Kiwi households with sustainable products, EarthSmart is committed to improving the local environment too by partnering with different wetland community restoration projects. Wetlands are now some of our most rare and at-risk ecosystems. These restoration projects help to enhance the natural habitat of native birds, flora, and fauna through wetland rehabilitation.

Projects to date include planting over 1000 native trees and flaxes and manuka; controlling pests, weeds, flooding, and erosion; and working with FuturePost to supply some real grass roots projects with fence posts made from recycled from soft plastic.

To find out more, visit the EarthSmart website.

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