Sustainable Sex: Protect Yourself and the Earth

Whenever you think sustainability, we bet you don’t think about sex, right? You’ll be surprised by the number of sustainable products out there to make you feel better about your sex life.

Here are some products to keep you at the climax of sustainability. 

Eco-friendly condoms 

sustainable sex

While most condoms are made with natural latex, there are also added materials like stabilizers and preservatives which make them less likely to biodegrade. Another common material which makes up condoms is a milk byproduct known as casein, which is not suitable for vegans.

However, there are eco-friendly and vegan condoms from companies like jonny and Glyde Healthcare. jonny also offers a convenient bag to help with your condom disposal, it’s discreet and planet friendly as it breaks down in landfill.

Ethical lingerie 

sustainable sex
Uye Surana

I don’t know what kind of person you are when it comes to your sex-fits. Are you a comfy cotton person, the lacey suspender type, or the all-natural kind? Whichever one you are, there is something out there for you. Brands are forever increasing their sizes to be inclusive and using sustainable practices from start to finish. Try brands such as HARA, TomboyX, and Uye Surana. These brands offer size-inclusive, sustainable, and ethical underwear to fit your mood and keep you comfy all night long.

Sustainable pleasure 

Finding sustainable sex toys brought us to a bit of a grey area. Most sex toys require some sort of battery, and it’s best to avoid non-rechargeable toys as these mean the use of disposable batteries, which can leak chemicals.

The world’s first biodegradable and recycled vibrator, and the only one we could find, is the Gaia Eco Bullet. This is run by AAA batteries, but you can always use rechargeable AAA’s to be extra eco-conscious. If you want to be super sustainable, glass and wooden toys exist and are available to purchase from many stores.

Lube it up 

sustainable sex
Bonk Lube

Lubricant makes sex a more comfortable experience. Unfortunately, many mainstream lubricants include some nasty ingredients causing allergic reactions, and are unsuitable for sensitive skin. Bonk Lube is a great New Zealand made lube brand that is chemical-free and designed for sensitive skin. The lube is offered as water or oil-based and is certified organic. What makes it special is a blend of aloe vera and harakeke extracts for extra hydration.

And there you have it! Stay safe and sustainable x

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