Seven tips to maintain your wellbeing while dating

Bumble’s expert sexologist Chantelle Otten shares with us tips to maintain your wellbeing while dating and encountering new sexual partners.

Fake it till you make it

No, I’m not talking about orgasms, I’m talking about confidence.

Finding long-lasting confidence can be tricky. Building that energy is sometimes a project that can take years, but the good news is that faking it until you make it can be a helpful part of the plan.

On Bumble, women make the first move, so the hard part has already been done. You’re now in the driver’s seat of your own love life!

Surround yourself with the right people

Make sure you have a good group of sex-positive, non-judgemental friends. Friends that support you and care about your safety and security. Friends that will call and pretend to be sick if a date isn’t going well, or who will come get you after a sleepover.

We all need support that is going to lift us up.

Look after yourself

Get enough sleep, and have your down-time. Dating is fun, but you need to have energy to be able to hold a conversation with someone new, whether in the early stages on Bumble or once you’ve met them in real life.

Yawning through a date might make you tough to connect with! So remember, take a night off from drinking and shmoozing to do whatever you like that makes you feel good.

And get some sleep!

Make a playlist (or two)

Have a date playlist and a sex playlist. These are playlists designed to get you up and at-em, or down and dirty. Both are designed to bring you energy and confidence, and will help you feel beautiful and sensual.

I suggest using Spotify to create your playlists. You can also check out my sex playlist if you are in need of inspiration.

Be yourself

Be authentically you! When you are looking for a meaningful match on Bumble, make sure your bio captures your personality and reflects who you are. And once you’ve

matched and are going on a date, dress how you want.

Outfits that make you feel amazing give you energy. So spend time preparing for that date and to have a heap of fun in your amazing get up. Jeans and t-shirt, or dress and feather jacket alike.


Release tension. In life, we can get a bit burnt out, and it’s the same with the dating game. Remember to take time out of your day to rest, go for a walk, to the gym, to call a friend or see your therapist.

It’s important to release tension and to feel care-free once in a while! Remember that Bumble has a feature called Snooze mode, where you can pause all your activity if you feel you are in need of a digital detox. Leave your matches where they are and come back feeling refreshed and ready to make new connections!

Educate yourself

Read up. Bumble has a HEAP of great articles and social media posts that have been curated for when you need an extra hand in maintaining wellness while dating.

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