Say hello to health-boosting feijoas

Feast On feijoas to keep your immunity levels up.

Like many New Zealanders it’s fair to say feijoas are my absolute favourite fruit. I grew up gorging on them as a child, as my grandparents had the most bountiful tree, and now I have two trees of my own.

Feijoas make leaving summer for autumn bearable, and this year they are coming into season at just the right time as Kiwis search for new ways to boost their immunity and overall health.

That’s because aside from their uniquely divine flavour, feijoas are really high in vitamin C.

According to Feijoa Association Director, Julia Third, consuming two feijoas provides 64 per cent of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C!

“Feijoas are really high in vitamin C. With the flu season coming up, it’s more important than ever to consume plenty of fresh fruit to boost our immune systems and fight off any coughs, colds or bugs,” says Third.

Feijoas are also a source of fibre which helps you feel fuller for longer and is important for digestive health.

Breakfast is an ideal time to include feijoas in your diet. Scoop out the flesh and enjoy them with a dollop of yoghurt or add some to your cereal or warm bowl of porridge.

Feijoa smoothies are also delicious and can be made with either milk or coconut water for a non-dairy option.

Other popular serving ideas include making feijoa chutney, crumble or muffins. Though my favourite is simply eating them straight from the tree.

This year’s feijoa crop will peak in April and remain in plentiful supply until the end of June. Third says this year’s crop is approximately 20 per cent higher than last year’s volume, with around 1500 tonnes expected to be harvested this season. 

This year’s drought has provided an extra challenge but for orchards with irrigation the fruit size will be on par with previous years.

Hand me a spoon!

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