Rest easy with Kind Face

The Kiwi company producing pillows that are restoring people and planet.

If you have trouble sleeping you probably have the wrong pillow, or it could be concerns about climate change that are keeping you up.

A Kind Face pillow provides plenty of good stuff to sleep on. The refillable pillow is made in New Zealand and filled with 100 per cent premium Tairawhiti Gisborne-farmed Wisewool ‘Cloud’ for starters.

Unlike pillows made from synthetic fibres, the wool content of a Kind Face pillow regulates your temperature, providing a better, deeper sleep. And the wool inner is naturally hypoallergenic.

The pillows also have a Japara cotton outer with a zipper, so that you can add or remove the Cloud wool fill to suit your preferential pillow comfort. And when it’s time for a refresh, it can be refilled and the used wool composted.

Proudly made in NZ

Each pillow is also handmade in Kind Face’s Avondale-based Auckland HQ by a small but mighty team of skilled commercial sewers.

Kind Face have dubbed it “New Zealand’s Pillow” because it’s locally made from NZ grown wool fibres.

Kind Face co-founders – husband and wife team Chris and Sarah Larcombe – launched the brand at the beginning of the Covid pandemic to keep their commercial sewing business afloat.

Fiercely passionate about making beautiful products in New Zealand from premium natural materials, they pivoted by producing reusable face masks.

It wasn’t part of their original plans to be making pillows, but when they cut open a five-year-old feather and down pillow they had at home they discovered it was “absolutely disgusting on the inside” and it made them think about what would work better?

The answer, engineered strong wool from Wisewool that captures and accentuates wool’s unparalleled natural properties.

Donate a pillow campaign

Kind Face also recognise that there are people in our communities who don’t have a pillow of their own and deserve a restful sleep.

Its DONATE New Zealand’s Pillow initiative is a pay it forward system, where customers can donate a pillow for $50 to the Kindness Collective Foundation who ensure it finds a deserving home.

Fifty dollars covers the cost of most of the materials and the Kind Face team donates their own labour.

Customers can also ‘pay-it-forward’ with $2 donations through the GoGenerosity tool in the Kind Face shopping cart. These donations add up over time and convert into donated pillows – one out of five customers chose to ‘pay-it-forward’ in August 2023.

Dreamiest duvet

A values based business through and through, Kind Face has chosen to be the very best business that it can be, which includes being kind to Aotearoa, the environment, Kiwi businesses and to their customers.

Its machine washable, naturally hypoallergenic and temperature regulating Premium 350gsm Wool Duvet steps in nicely here!

“It feels good to be first to make duvets using Wisewool’s superior 100 per cent wool blanketing, which uses needle-punching to mechanically interlock the wool fibres. This enhances the magical properties of wool, stops the fill from shifting and clumping, eliminates ‘cold spots’ and ensures a longer lifespan than regular wool duvets,” explains Chris.

It also keeps synthetics away from your bedding and our beautiful environment.

“We like to call it ‘New Zealand’s Duvet’ and honestly believe it is the best duvet ever created!” he says.

Ethically Kate backs that up, declaring it’s the best duvet she’s slept under to date. Her hubby Tim runs hot at night, while she runs cold and because of the glorious temperature regulating powers of wool, they both stick to their preferred temperatures.

Sleep accessories

Another top seller is Kind Face’s Weighted Eye Mask – the perfect accessory for a power nap, or helping relieve headaches. The handmade linen masks are filled with a mix of Canterbury grown flaxseed and dried lavender. The mask will conform to your face to block out light and apply firm but gentle pressure that relaxes the nervous system – the clever button design means there is no direct pressure on the eyes.

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