The Magic is in The Mixer

Alchemy & Tonic lead a new generation of innovative tonics.

Just a few decades ago, gin and tonics were considered rather boring, the drink of musty golf clubs.

But those days are well and truly gone due to a boom in craft gin distilling—a ginaissance!

There’s also been a new wave of experimentation with gin’s life partner, tonic water.

Local brand Alchemy & Tonic is leading this wave of new generation mixers, creating tonics, soda waters, lemonades and ginger ales so delicious they’re designed to be on their own, or take centre stage when combined with their spirit counterparts.

“Tonic accounts for most of a properly made gin and tonic. Contemporary drinkers are very particular about their gin or vodka, so why shouldn’t they lavish the same attention on their mixer as well?” reasons CMO of Premium Liquor, Kate Smith whose company created the popular mixer brand Alchemy & Tonic.

Smith says as spirits continue to grow and diversify, so too do the mixing drinks that carry them.

She adds that previously the category was dominated by English brands, but consumer buying trends show a surge in preference for New Zealand made artisanal drinks.

“There’s a host of new creative players on the market optimising uniquely New Zealand flavours that resonate with consumers here. At Alchemy & Tonic we like to experiment with flavours like Kawa Kawa and Hibiscus to create drinks that offer a distinct profile.”

Alchemy & Tonic officially launched in September 2020 with a distinct assortment of inspired and inventive mixers, including Hibiscus Pink Lemonade, Spiced Ginger Orange with Cassia, Indian Tonic Water with Kawakawa.

Two months ago, the local company added a Blood Orange & Bitters Soda, a mixer that goes great with tequila, a spirit trending globally.

Coming soon to New World and Farro stores nationwide is their latest creation, a Rhubarb and Smashed Mandarin Tonic.

Set to stand alone or lift gin to new heights, this addition has a very exciting flavour profile that’s juicy but tart, all in the same mouthful.

Available in 250ml pastel cans, the Alchemy & Tonic brand personality is all about magic, designed to stand out in a category saturated with traditional English brands in small glass bottles.

Preaching premium affordability, a four pack of 250ml Alchemy & Tonic cans retails at just $7.99.

See the full Alchemy & Tonic product range here, Alchemy & Tonic mixers are available from New World, Farro and liquor stores nationwide.

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