Pedigree’s Dogphonics books paw-some for Kiwi kids’ reading confidence 

Pedigree announces the launch of Dogphonics books, the first ever set of books from the trusted petfood brand, especially designed for Kiwi kids to read out loud to their canine companion to help build their reading confidence. 

For young kids, one of the biggest challenges when learning to read is the anxiety that comes from stumbling over words or making mistakes in front of people.

Grounded in multiple studies from the University of Lincoln, Pedigree’s Dogphonics books have been crafted to help pave the way for greater reading confidence by encouraging budding bookworms to read to their dogs. 

Dr Emma Woodward, a child psychologist and mum to four boys, says “Reading anxiety is not uncommon, especially at an age where children are going through a number of different developmental changes. The companionship of a dog as a reading partner makes reading a more relaxed process which can build confidence.” 

Having a non-judgmental, comforting dog friend “listen” to little readers as they navigate their way through Pedigree’s Dogphonics books can offer a safe learning environment to practice reading and allows children to discover the joys of a great storybook. 

Case studies highlight improved reading abilities when reading to a dog, as measured by teacher opinion or reading grade. Alterations to reading behaviours were also recognised, including greater attention when reading, improved attendance to reading lessons, a more positive attitude to reading and increased social initiations when reading.

“With a furry dog companion, young learners can read at their own pace, without fear of being judged. It’s this process that helps build confidence in our little readers, and as a result they’ll be more likely to go on and achieve greater academic success,” Dr Woodward continues. 

Cormac Van Den Hoofdakker, Marketing Manager for Petcare at Mars and father of two boys, says “It’s no secret that dogs make us better people, and that has a profound impact on the world we live in. We’re extremely proud to play a big part in the healthy upbringing of dogs and the goodness they bring as a loyal member of the family, a best friend, and now as a non-judgemental, comforting reading buddy.” 

“We’re incredibly excited for the launch of Pedigree’s Dogphonics books to help encourage young learners to thrive in their reading abilities alongside their best dog pal,” says Hoofdakker. 

The Pedigree Dogphonics books consists of five books that are carefully crafted stories by authors Levi Slavin and Rob Graves, for reading ages six through to nine. Children can also follow along with the beautiful illustrations by Dave Brady and show them off to their doggie pal – they may even find their own dog friend amongst the pages. 

Titles including “Every dog dreams,” “We’re going to the P-A-R-K,” “Inside out dog,” “Where are my pants?” and “It was not me. I did not eat the alphabet” are heartfelt and entertaining stories that explore similarities between our readers and their four-legged friends, helping kids realise that they’re not in it alone. 

Pedigree’s Dogphonics books are available from Dorothy Butler bookstore and digital versions are available online from Amazon.

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