Ode to insects – The multidimensional importance of insects

From issue 72.

Have you ever stopped for a moment and thought how incredible insects are? We all know they play a critical role in the earth’s ecosystem as they pollinate plants, cycle nutrients and help decompose waste keeping soils fertile, disperse seeds for plant propagations and are a vital food source for birds, animals and many humans. They literally are keeping our planet alive for us as we continually destroy it and yet many fear their tiny existence and squash them?!

If you take time to marvel in their exquisite beauty, you will see they have the most unearthly sci-fi-like features and the cutest fluffy faces and feet. They also have some really amazing behaviours which make them unique, for instance ants show respect making sure they pick up their deceased loved ones and carry them home to a cemetery outside their nest, a job specific for the ‘undertakers’ of the colony. Also, some women would cheer at the fact that the praying mantis bites off the head of their male lover after sex, hey, saves worrying whether they will commit long-term doesn’t it?

Egyptians and Greeks were some of the first known entomologists; they drew many insect drawings and even mummified specific insects. They found certain insects listed below sacred and believed they were omens of what is to come as well as protectors and symbolic of certain deities’ presence.

Some energy sensitives believe insects hold meaning, as does every living thing and when connected to them they are messengers of specific energies that can represent internal and external change and bring a healing presence to our life. 

The symbology of insect totems can come in the way of dreams, recurring imagery as well as the actual physical insect itself. Below are my intuitive feelings and experience of insect symbols and some ancient history. There are also some questions to ask yourself when you see these tiny divine message channels. 

Spider – creativity, receptivity, feminine energy.

Maybe some of the most feared insects in the world are my favourite. These are masters of creation in my mind the artists of the natural world. Their intricate masterpieces are so perfectly created to the elements that they live in and their patience is unbelievable. We can learn a great deal about life from this creature.

What creative project would make you feel alive? What do you wish to manifest?

Bee – productivity, sustainability, abundance.

In ancient Egypt bees were associated with royalty and their honey nectar used as currency, even pots of honey were placed in tombs as offerings or even whole mummies covered in honey.  Quite rightly bees should be respected as they may well be some of the most important creatures here on earth as they work harder than any to pollinate plants that are our source of food and oxygen. When we look at the characteristics of a honey bee we are reminded to work hard for the greater good of the world, but at the same time remember to stop and take a moment to enjoy the nectar of your hard work.

What plans do you need to put in place to be more productive?

Beetle – rebirth of wealth, or end to hardship.

The most popular of ancient Egyptian artifacts have showed the Scarab representing Khepri the god rebirth, wealth and later representing Ra the sun god and represented protection as amulets of beetles were placed on the chest of many deceased to prove they were trustworthy and should go forth to the afterlife.

Think of all the places you could possibly receive money from, write them down. How can you surrender to having faith in your future, knowing you are supported?

Praying mantis – peace, good luck.

The praying mantis is representative of the earth colours and it harmonizes completely within its surroundings. When a praying mantis dances it can mesmerize you into a state of peace if you watch it. When seeing this beauty, the feeling is content and at peace with what you have and that opens doors to good luck.

What would bring you more peace in my life? How can you unclutter your life and mind?

Ant – persistence, teamwork. future planning.  

Although an infestation can create shivers, these little armies have been given a mission and they are tenacious when it comes to fulfilling it. The ant asks us to realise that although small as a community we are mighty. It asks us to think about our relationships and how we can best work together for a better journey towards an outcome for all.

Where in my life would you benefit from working in a team? Who arounds you need your help?

Dragonfly – wisdom, self-realization, spiritual transitions.

These amazing creatures develop in water and move into the air to fly, symbolising emotional growth from water (emotions) to wisdom, knowledge (air). They are often representations of you becoming a spiritual teacher or seeking one.

Ask the universe for a spiritual mentor. Who could you mentor with your gifts?

Butterfly – transformation, development.

The basic theme of story books – the tiny caterpillar cocooning to unbelievably become something completely evolved and unrecognizable. Think about the many storms these delicate creatures have had to outwit to keep living on earth, they epitomize transformation and deserve the beauty and colour they now adorn.

What area of your life do I want transformed? What inside yourself needs to die to manifest a beautiful future?

Worm – inner knowledge, faith, support, nurture.

The worm teaches the value of being concealed at times. At times of sensitivity we must nurture and be held by the earth mother. There is no need to rush while we feel our way in the right direction, even when we are blind to see the future we have other sensors that guide us towards the light when the time is right.

What do you need to nurture yourself and/or loved ones?

The Cicada – aligning to the earth, unity, connection. 

The cicada can spend up to 17 years underground and only a few weeks above (mating). It produces an intense sound frequency vibration with their beautiful mating song, it is so powerful that I believe it is nature’s sound healing,  balancing the energetic field and connecting us all much the same as a sound bath at your local yoga studio.

Where can you be more in alignment of the natural flow of the earth and stay present to your surroundings? 

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