Noughty, the smart choice for kids fizz

Many parents tend to steer clear of fizzy drinks when buying something for their kids, even if they are sugar-free.

But what if there was a fizzy drink for kids that didn’t make parents feel guilty? One that was low in fruit sugars, no sugar or sweeteners, naturally flavoured and packed with vitamins and minerals and helped kids grow strong bones and healthy minds?

Meet Noughty – the new all-natural soda that has hit the sweet spot to give children all the fun and flavour of fizzy drinks, without any of the naughtiness.

“We asked parents how they felt about buying fizzies for their kids the feedback was unanimous. Most parents viewed fizzies as unhealthy, with a third of parents we spoke to not buying them at all, and the majority of those who did, only buying for a special occasion.

“With a negative perception of sweeteners, parents told us that kids’ fizzies needed to be low in natural sugars, made with natural ingredients and packaged in a responsible serving size. So we made Noughty, an all-natural kids soda that offers parents a guilt-free option that’s healthy, functional and heaps of fun!” said Noughty’s Michael Tutty.

Made in Auckland and sweetened only with New Zealand apples, Noughty is low in natural sugars (6.1g per can), flavoured with natural extracts and contains no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives. Each 250ml can of Noughty contains 45 calories or less, meaning that parents can feel confident that they’re choosing a healthier option when including Noughty as part of their children’s balanced diet.

Packed with vitamins and minerals, each can of Noughty contains calcium and 100% of the RDI of Iodine, Vitamins D, C and B6 for kids aged 4-8 years old, helping kids build strong bones and healthy minds.

NZ Registered Nutritionist Emma Wylie says Noughty’s new range of natural fizzy is a great alternative to current market offerings and is especially impressed with its fortification of nutrients.

“Water and milk are any nutritionist’s primary beverage recommendations when it comes to hydrating our kids, but realistically, our kids are going to encounter fizzy drinks or any other flavoured beverage for that matter. And as a kid who definitely had lemonade or juice on special occasions growing up (and loved it) it’s easy to agree that banning flavoured drinks entirely just isn’t necessary – social occasions are just as important for our little ones’ development too!

“What Noughty has done is give us as parents and caregivers a delicious and nutritious alternative drink to give to our kids, knowing that the excitement and enjoyment factor will still be high, but it doesn’t have to come with a side of sugar, sweeteners (especially the artificial kind) or guilt. Being primarily soda water, subtly sweetened with a natural apple juice, this is about as simple and natural as it gets.

“What makes Noughty’s drinks even more appealing is the fortification with nutrients that are critical for growing little ones, namely calcium and vitamin D to grow strong bones, along with a range of vitamins and minerals that are essential in brain development, building a strong immune system and more. Although we’d primarily like our little ones to receive their necessary nutrients from a balanced diet, having a top-up of these from a naturally sweetened beverage is an added bonus, and certainly naturally sweetens the deal with this drink.”

Packaged in playful cans in bold colours designed by acclaimed design agency Marx, the new range launches with Cola, Appleberry and Lemonade, there’s a delicious flavour to appeal to everyone.

Noughty is available in all leading supermarkets from late February 2022.

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