Liz McNamara’s 11 holistic health trends for 2022


Looking for new ways to explore your wellbeing this year? There’s no doubt 2022 will come with challenges, but we’re entering this new season with a sense of optimism and fresh energy. 

Whether you’re committing to leading a more sustainable life, prioritising your immune wellbeing, or making self-care a staple, HealthPost Naturopath and Cosmetic Chemist Liz McNamara shares 11 wellness trends set to grow in 2022.

Ethical shopping

Knowing a brand’s transparency of how they deem themselves sustainable and ethical sways the consumer’s mind of whether they want to support that brand.

HealthPost has a list of Mindful Brands that go above and beyond in four areas of sustainability: Environmental Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Eco Packaging, and Transparency. When choosing a product that will also support our environment or the hands behind the product, more likely than not, people will choose a more ethical option.

Meet Mindful Brands

Transparency of value chain and responsible sourcing

Our need for brand transparency has lifted drastically in the past few years. Knowing where products have been sourced from, how they’re sourced, and how the workers are treated has become a popular trend in consumers.

Brands that are open, upfront, and honest about their products and workplace are usually the ones who gain more support from consumers.

HealthPost works with Transparent Mindful Brands so consumers can shop with ease, knowing they are supporting brands that care.

Explore Transparent brands

Mindful Packaging

As more and more options have been coming out to reduce single-use plastics, brands have become more mindful about reducing their impact on the planet by changing their packaging.

Conscious consumers are no longer thinking of short term use but long-term impacts on our planet.

Brands that use post-consumer waste, sustainably grown cardboard, recyclable sugar cane plastic, refillable, and/or certified compostable home packaging will continue to catch consumers’ eyes more than brands using plastic or mixed components.

Explore Eco Packaging brands

Immune Health

Since the start of the pandemic, taking care of our immune system has peaked at an all-time high. Consumers have been prioritising their wellbeing by looking for products with more zinc, vitamin D and other immune formulas in their supplement shopping.

Probiotics and ingredients that support gut health will also grow as we connect our immune health to our gut health. Food as medicine is a beautiful preventative concept and one that we can all bring into our life for most of the time to improve our overall health. 

Explore Immune Health

Pursuit of wellness and joy

In 2022, we’ll continue to see wellness become part of our everyday habits and way of living – rather than a separate approach to life. For us, wellness is about good health in all areas of life – mental, social, physical, financial, spiritual, as well as wellness for our planet.

Stress, mood, sleep

It’s no surprise managing healthy stress levels and getting a good night’s sleep are on the top of everyone’s wellness list this year.

We as consumers have been turning more towards adaptogenic herbal and nutritional support that can ease our stresses through the day and support our bodies into having a good night’s sleep.

Tried and true natural herbs like Ashwagandha are leading the way in helping with nervous system support. Functional mushrooms, including Reishi, are renowned as a nourishing adaptogen to restore and rejuvenate the body after a stressful period.

Explore Stress Support

Functional foods for performance

As we return back to work or study, we want to be performing at our best. Rather than relying on caffeine and other stimulants, we’re seeing a growing trend towards sustained herbal and functional nutrients to keep us going.

With growing interest in functional fungi, we can tackle our most important areas of focus in a sustainable way: stress, immune, and energy support. 

Explore Functional Mushrooms

Healthy aging

Collagen is still a popular choice to supply our bodies with the amino acids to build strong, healthy hair and nails, comfortable joints, and hydrated skin. These benefits are set to continue into exciting combinations of other things we take each day. 

We are so lucky to live in a country with abundant good food, natural resources and access to medicines, so our average lifespan, like other developed countries, is increasing.

Grapeseed is a food-based antioxidant and functional mushrooms like Tremella contain a high level of hyaluronic acid, making them ideal additions to an internal beauty regime.

Explore Healthy Aging


Increasingly, people want to understand the benefits of different serums and which ones are the best for their specific skin goals. Vitamin C, Bakuchiol, and peptides are well-loved ingredients, and fruit acids are on the rise for chemical exfoliation.

A number of unique, natural, and safer skincare products are now available that offer great results thanks to the increasing popularity and availability of natural ingredients.

There is still a need for better packaging options for skincare, and we will likely see more environmentally friendly options such as refills or plant-based recyclable plastics to reduce our consumption of virgin plastics in skincare products.

Explore Natural Skincare

Practising mindfulness

Support solutions are becoming more widely available nowadays, as mental health is widely discussed in today’s society as a necessity for coping with societies pressures. There is less stigma attached to mental health challenges, and holistic options support a robust and balanced mind that can learn how to cope.

On top of guided meditation and mindfulness apps, we’re seeing a growing trend towards everyday self-care, from conscious massages and nourishing oils to create a calming or grounded environment using essential oils; these tools can help you be present in the current moment, pause and take a breath, and go about your day with more clarity.

Explore Essential Oils

Sexual wellness

We’re witnessing a rise in sex-positive conversations and activities, as we acknowledge the impact that sex has on our health and wellbeing.

These days there’s less stigma surrounding the topic thanks to cultural shifts, and people finding more joy and freedom in embracing self-pleasure for wellness. Sex-positive conversations and wellness has also become more inclusive for the LGBTQIA+ and non-binary community as well.  

Whether you’re prioritising self-care, your sexual wellbeing, immune health or more – there’s plenty we can do to make our holistic health part of our everyday.

What wellness trends will you be exploring this year?

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