Good’s Best of Natural Awards Terms and conditions.

By entering the Best of Natural Awards (2023), you agree to the Terms and Conditions below for the products/ brands entered. These Terms and Conditions are at the direction of Good Magazine and may change if required.
Brands agree that:

  1. Entered product/s will be considered but it does not mean you will receive an award.
  2. Products supplied for entry require a barcode and meet all NZ legislative requirements as applicable for the category.
  3. Brands are limited to entering a maximum of five products in total. As part of your entry please supply four products for each entry in current full-size packaging for the judging process and for photography purposes.
  4. Judges may share your product and or assets on social media and/or other channels to promote the Best of Naturals awards or to engage audiences during judging.
  5. Good Magazine bears no responsibility for items that are damaged or lost in transit, and any shipping costs are the responsibility of your brand. Any products received outside the deadline for entries (1 August 2023) may not be accepted.
  6. All information provided for entry is true, accurate, and not misleading.
  7. Information and content from your channels can be used/repurposed for the promotion of products, brands, or the Best of Natural Awards.
  8. Award winners agree to apply digital branding (supplied) of the Best of Natural Awards for product promotion.
  9. Products will be entered into the most relevant category, but judges can use their discretion to change this and enter products into additional relevant categories.
  10. Brands will be judged on the products they enter as well as the information they provide about their brand values.
  11. Brands who have affiliations, ambassador agreements, or conflicts of interest with judges cannot enter.
  12. Entry fee $200 (including GST) per product. This administrative entry fee and contributes to the overall costs involved with judging panels, and logistical arrangements.
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