Going solar

Ever considered going solar with your power? Now’s the time – it’s never been easier or more affordable. We chatted with Andy Booth, CEO of solarcity about the solarZero+ initiative. 

What’s makes solarZero different from other solar offerings out there?

Simply put, for the first time in New Zealand, homeowners can purchase solar power as a service, not a product. solarZero gives homeowners the ability to enjoy all the benefits of solar without the need to buy the solar panels. It includes installation, online monitoring, repairs, product replacements and any necessary upgrades. As part of our assessment of your home we’ll also look at the suitability of adding the latest battery technology to store surplus solar energy generated during the day so it can be used at night.

Tell us about solarZero+, the newest product/initiative to come from solarcity

We’ve added affordable battery storage to our innovative solarZero energy service, making it even easier to power your home with solar. It truly is set-and-forget, integrating solar panels, battery storage, and energy monitoring. This optimises the use of solar power in your home,  allowing you to save money on your energy bills over the long term. The battery can also provide back-up power for a few key devices in a power cut. At the moment, battery storage is more suitable for high power users, but we’ll be adding other battery options that work for all solar users, throughout the year.

Why did you look to expand solarZero?

Our vision is to support New Zealand moving to 100% renewable energy. solarZero is an important first step as it has removed the upfront cost of going solar. solarZero is the perfect option for people home during the day as they can use the power as it is being produced. Expanding solarZero, to include battery storage, doubles the number of New Zealanders that can benefit from going solar. Batteries also support our nation’s grid by reducing demand during peak periods. If enough of us switch to solar and batteries we could say goodbye to coal-generated power in New Zealand.

Is everyone eligible for solarZero?

solarZero is available throughout New Zealand. We encourage anyone interested in going solar to contact us and we can quickly assess if their home is eligible.

Why should people consider the switch to solar power?

Homeowners can generate more affordable, cleaner power by going solar and enjoy long term savings. In doing so you can minimise your dependence on the grid and take back control of your power bills. Plus, by using the clean energy of the sun, you’ll be reducing New Zealand’s carbon footprint and helping our nation to become powered 100% on renewable energy.

How can solarcity offer a fixed rate for 20 years?

Our energy services rely on a large uptake which is why we’ve removed the price barrier that was stopping 85% of homeowners who were interested in buying and installing solar. Our fixed monthly rate gives our customers financial certainty and security.

What is the best thing for someone to do if they are interested in solar power and solarZero+?

Jump on our website at www.solarcity.co.nz or give our team a call on 0800 11 66 55.

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