Finding self

A self-love practise may be more than you think.

When we think of self-love we often think of taking care of our body, how often we exercise, eating healthily and getting to bed early. These things are essential of course as they also influence our emotions and thoughts as well as our spirit. Self-love is so much more –

It’s the environment we are in, what information we choose to consume, the decisions we choose to live with, pleasure and passion in everyday life and how we communicate to ourselves and those around us. It’s about giving yourself space to stop the rush and enquire within. It’s important to feel into what you need regularly and actively fulfil that for yourself, without having the expectation that someone or something will bring you health and happiness as that is an inside job.

Self-love is an important and powerful attribute to cultivate. Everything happening around us is a mirror of our state of mind. Are we attracting loving experiences because we believe we are worthy of them? Or do we still need more lessons to become more aware of what’s stopping us from receiving the contentment and joy we deserve?

We must nurture ourselves every day and explore what lights us up as well as what drains our energy levels. It seems simple when we look at it from an energetic perspective – go to what makes you feel light and happy and move away from what makes you feel unhappy, right? Well yes, it can be that easy however without experiences in life that push us out of our comfort zone and make us feel deeper unresolved emotions, we won’t evolve. Just like in music we all need small pockets of chaos to shake us up, levelling us up to higher places of bliss. It’s there where we dance to the beat that is congruent to who we truly are, not who we were taught we should be.

Guess what? The more rigid your thoughts are, the more painful your body will be and the harder life will hit you until you learn to drop the control, be flexible and trust change is happening for you and not to you. Personal development is essential to truly living a life worth lovin’. With Good’s 30 days of our self-love series you can expect to enquire into all aspects of your life and be given the tools to care for yourself. You will be supported to forgive your past and use your hardships as hints to your purpose here on Earth. You will learn how to express yourself authentically and improve the relationships around you and be reminded to be grateful for this beautiful life.

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