Elevate your active lifestyle with these champion hair and body products

In today’s fast-paced world, we prioritize active lifestyles. Whether at the gym, outdoors, or managing a hectic schedule, we often overlook the care our bodies and hair need.

Exposure to environmental aggressors, sweat and the rigors of physical activity can take a toll on your body and hair. That’s why it’s essential to choose the right body and hair care products to address these issues. With the right regimen, you can maintain a healthy glow and vibrant hair even on your busiest days.

Evolu’s new Champion hair and body range is a collection specifically designed for athletes and those who embrace an active way of life. Inspired by world champion kayaker Lisa Carrington, Evolu has harnessed the pure essence of nature to create a range of products that offer a harmonious fusion of nature’s gifts for your skin and hair.

Powered by natural, plant-based actives and devoid of any harmful chemicals, colours or fragrances, Evolu’s Champion range contains performance-centric formulas that cater to the unique demands of active individuals. These products come in innovative and fun packaging that is both recyclable and reusable, underlining the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Let’s take a closer look at this exciting range:

Evolu’s Deep Cleansing Shampoo is a notable choice for those who demand clean and strong hair. Formulated with active botanical extracts, it not only cleanses your hair but also offers protection against environmental aggressors like pollution and sun damage. The star ingredient, New Zealand Manuka Oil, brings powerful antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties to the mix, ensuring a clean and comfortable scalp. With a pure cleanse and invigorating scent, this shampoo leaves no greasy residue, offering a refreshing experience every day.

The Enriching Conditioner is designed to improve manageability and combat the effects of environmental exposure. Blending natural moisture-retentive botanicals, this conditioner fortifies and protects your hair, leaving it lustrous, vitalised and nourished. New Zealand Manuka Oil ensures a clean scalp, while the conditioner’s smooth and silky texture makes detangling a breeze. Say hello to shiny, vibrant and non-stop-touchable soft hair.

Evolu’s Refreshing Body Wash is a must-have for those with an active lifestyle. Enriched with a blend of botanical actives, this luxurious gel washes away sweat, impurities and pollutants while keeping your skin super hydrated. The inclusion of Arnica Flower Oil assists your body in relaxing tension and soothing aches after strenuous exercise. With an effortless cleanse, refreshing scent and deep hydration suitable for all climates, this body wash ensures you start your day feeling invigorated and confident.

For post- exercise care, Evolu has created a Smoothing Body Lotion loaded with skin-nourishing ingredients. This lotion helps protect your skin from the elements and offers an exceptional restorative aromatherapy experience. It’s ultra-light, quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy finish. Thanks to New Zealand Kanuka Oil, it soothes, moisturises, calms and assists in healing and protecting your skin. Experience unparalleled moisturisation and a subtle fragrance that keeps your skin looking its best.

After a long day or an intense workout, the Relaxing Bath Foam from Evolu is your ticket to rejuvenation. Lather away grime, relax your senses and leave your skin clean, soft, and balanced. The inclusion of Arnica Flower Oil helps ease tired muscles and weary limbs, making it the perfect post-exertion treat. Enjoy luxurious foamy bubbles with a mood-changing scent that relieves tired and sore muscles while gently hydrating your skin without any drying effect.

You know it’s good when a world champion athlete shouts out about it! When Evolu sent their new Champion range to their brand ambassador, Lisa Carrington, for her to experience first-hand, Lisa expressed her genuine admiration for the delightful fragrance and the luxurious indulgent feel of the formulations.

Offering the perfect balance of performance and natural goodness, Evolu’s Champion hair and body range is a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering high-quality, natural products that cater to the unique needs of active individuals.

With their innovative and sustainable packaging, you can champion your health, wellbeing and the environment simultaneously.

Check out Evolu’s new Champion range and their other high-quality, nourishing skincare products here.

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