Dress your bed as you dress yourself

Bed linen brand The Sheet Society is changing the way we dress our beds by encouraging customers to bring personal style to the sheets. Co-founder Hayley Worley says, in the early stages of the business, she wanted to merge the feeling of wearing a new outfit with the feeling of getting into bed.

Unlike other bed linen brands, The Sheet Society’s ‘Bed Builder’ concept allows customers to mix and match their bedding, instead of purchasing sets. Worley says this aspect has been successful among customers with many having a clear idea of the combination of colours they’d like.

“We are loving baked earthy neutral tones at the moment. Our rust and terracotta tones are so popular as they really bring in a feeling of warmth to your bedroom.”

“We’ve also seen a switch from cooler greys to warmer nudes, so instead of charcoal think mocha, and nude is our new go-to staple.”

Not only does The Sheet Society provide an extensive choice of colours, but the brand’s sheets are also made only from natural materials. Using linen and cotton which are farmed, instead of manufactured materials like polyester, the sheets are free from harsh chemicals and are also biodegradable.

“Our Cotton is a long-staple yarn which is stronger, softer and more durable than any other cotton. Using a long-staple yarn means that we don’t need to use as many threads to weave the fabric so our sheets are really breathable. It’s such a misconception that a higher thread count us a better, it really is the quality of the cotton rather than the quantity.”

When looking after quality bed sheets, Worley recommends not using any harsh chemicals, so that the natural features of the sheets can be preserved. She also suggests hanging sheets out on the line to dry, or if you are using a tumble dryer, take them out when they’re 80 percent dry and hang them inside on a chair overnight.

Turning to the top sheet debate, whether to use one or not, Worley says it is all about personal preference. A top sheet means you won’t need to wash your quilt cover as often, which she says is a win.

“I have a dog that jumps on our bed far too often, so I’m always needing to wash my quilt cover so I don’t tend to use a flat. But having a flat is great in the warmer months. I think we’ll have to stay on the fence with this debate.”

Many people find fresh sheets and bedding to have a positive effect on their sleep. Other tips for sleep and reduced anxiety can include reducing screen time on your phone or laptop, avoiding coffee after 2pm and getting into a routine for the time you go to sleep and wake up. Worley says if anything is on her mind at night, she writes it down so she can come back to it in the morning, rather than ponder over her thoughts all night.

“I have also recently switched my light globe in the bedroom to a smart globe that switches between cool and warm light. It’s set to a cooler, brighter light in the morning to energise and in the evening it’s a warm orange glow that emulates sunset and is really calming.”

Visit the Sheet Society’s website here.

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