Botanicals + Knowledge + Invention


We’re loving Alembics Apothecary Teas blended for taste, aroma and wellbeing. 

There are four botanical infusions to choose from that take tea to the next level using nature, science and experience to create something magical!

Blue is delicately flavoured yet boldly coloured. This alchemical colour-changing blend is deep indigo, and blushes pink when you add lemon. 

Pink is superbly balanced between floral, peppery and lush. Soothing and fragrant, it’s the dusky pink of stained glass. 

Zest is enlivening and restoring, with lemon verbena, a botanical that embodies both spring’s energy and autumn’s scent of golden hay.

Dark Shot is a dark horse with the wow factor. Cacao, spice, and bitter orange creates a warming, velvety-rich hot drink, or a zero-alcohol espresso martini.

Infuse with boiling water, drink hot or cold, mix, use, experiment and enjoy. 

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