Best of Natural Awards: Winners

The inaugural Best of Natural Awards attracted hundreds of entries from local and international brands.

The judges – Liz McNamara (natural health expert for HealthPost, The Better Company), Belinda Nash (award-winning health and wellbeing writer) and Lucy Butler (executive director of HealthPost, The Better Company) – had the privilege, and challenge, of trying each of these incredible products across 29 different categories, and choosing just 29 category winners. The scope, innovation and high standard of entries was outstanding.

Good partnered with HealthPost for the Best of Natural Awards for their industry expertise and strict ingredient, ethical and environmental standards. You can trust you are making a better choice with their collection of the best in clean beauty, natural health, nutrition and eco-living products – no harmful chemicals; no animal testing; no environmental pollutants; and orders in eco-friendly packaging.

The judges used HealthPost’s strict criteria for what a natural product should be, looking for things such as clean ingredients, transparency, sustainable packaging and point of difference. They also looked for brands that are better for you and the planet.

Here are the category winners for the Best of Natural Awards 2020 and why the judges loved them. They are available for purchase online at Healthpost, The Better Company.



Tailor Oil Cleanse

“This cleanser was perfect for removing eye make-up as it’s light on the skin and non-irritating, with a nourishing finish and subtle scent. A little bit goes a long way.”


Karen Murrell Moisture Stick Lip Balm

“Karen Murrell knows her lips! This moisture stick is beautifully presented, and the moisturising effects were long-lasting.”


Indie & Mae Face Clay with Brush

“We mixed this clay with a toner for a purifying and exfoliating experience. Applied to the face with the provided brush, it was a lovely ritual. We appreciate the simple and clean ingredients and the ability to reuse the packaging.”


The Herb Farm Protecting Skin Defend Mist

“Protecting your skin from environmental pollutants, we think this timely and innovative mist is perfect for everyday use, air travel, and at your office desk. It features the unexpected ingredients comfrey and gotu kola for cell regeneration, and black spruce, which creates an invisible barrier to protect your skin.”


Antipodes Baptise H20 Ultra-Hydrating Water Gel

“A jelly-like moisturising gel made from native New Zealand botanicals, this product firmed, plumped, exfoliated, and hydrated the skin. It does what it says. Amazing product, very innovative.”


Lemon and Beaker Dual-Blend Repairing Serum with Rose Essential Oil

“This soothing serum is so luxurious! The blend of essential oils produces a divine smell. We highly recommend its use for creating a new beauty ritual at an affordable price point.”


Tailor Polish Every Other Day Scrub + Mask

“After use as a mask, this polish made the skin feel soft. Used as a scrub, it was an invigorating experience. It’s great to see the use of New Zealand bentonite clay. Another innovative product by Tailor Skincare.”



Weleda Birch Body Scrub

“The smell of this scrub was refreshing, and the wax pearls were gentle yet consistent on the skin. A nourishing experience. We love Weleda’s biodynamic approach to skincare.


Three Warriors Gradual Tan

“The certified-organic ingredients made this product stand out from the rest. When applied, there was no fake tan smell, and no streaks, even when applied in a hurry. Even better, you also don’t need to fully exfoliate before applying.”


Essano Rosehip and Jasmine Daily Repair Body Wash

“Producing a beautiful scent, this body wash was refreshing and was a pleasure to use. A great price point at $9.99, and so good to see Essano using recycled plastic for its packaging.”


Good Cube 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner for Dry and Damaged Hair

“This 2-in-1 product cut the plastic clutter out of the shower and shouldn’t be underestimated! Saving time, money and water use, it’s the best bar we’ve tried for hydrating dry hair. It’s suitable for the whole family.”


B.Bold Bergamot & Cedar Natural Deodorant Cream, (58g) $19.90 and (30g)

“A soothing deodorant encased in reusable and attractive eco packaging. We loved its gender-neutral scent featuring bergamot and cedar. It’s also highly effective and the smooth, soft consistency makes it easy to apply.”

Moisturiser/Hand Cream

Evolu Seeds of Love Superflora Dry Oil (50ml)

“A multifaceted oil for your hands, body, face and hair. One product really does it all! It’s a dry oil, so it didn’t feel greasy. It also has a truly unique, signature scent.”


Earth’s Kitchen Kawakawa & Tamanu SPF50+ Natural Sun Protection

“This SPF50+ sunscreen uses natural New Zealand ingredients, absorbs well, and was non-greasy and calming when applied to the face. The fragrance is pleasant and we love the unique packaging.”



Wild Dispensary Liver Bitters

“An amazing combination of ingredients for a nice-tasting bitter product. We love the wild-crafted herbs that are used by Wild Dispensary, and the mindful approach to its formulation. Excellent traditional tonic!”

Internal Beauty

Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty for Skin Hair Nails

“This powder was easily mixed with water and, being flavourless, versatile to use with water and other liquids. It includes companion ingredients camu camu, guava, and horsetail herb to help support the body with healthy hair, skin and nails. The efficacy of researched ingredients and affordability compared to other products on the market was welcomed.”

Stress and Sleep

Kiwiherb StressArrest (50ml)

“This product instantly soothes and nourishes in times of need. Kiwiherb are doing a wonderful job with recyclable packaging and sourcing their ingredients in a mindful way. Nice to be able to feel the impact of a supplement. This is a keeper.”

Bone and Joint

Nordic Naturals Arctic D Cod Liver Oil

“A fantastic and natural source of vitamins A and D, this oil tasted incredibly clean and fresh. Nordic Naturals have a high standard for sustainability and ethical sourcing, as well as heavy metal testing. They run their factory using waste oil from production, which is outstanding.”


Artemis ViroGone, $ 29.90.

“We love this New Zealand brand keeping herbal medicine standing strong with well thought through formulations that are sure to support a healthy immune system through the season of ills and chills.”


Organic India Heart Guard

“The capsules include beautiful ingredients for supporting a healthy heart. Organic India is an admirable brand, being pioneers of regenerative agriculture and supporting communities to be healthy and sustainable.”

Mood and Energy

Ārepa Nootropic Brain Drink (3 pack)

“We absolutely love that Ārepa are using NZ ingredients and producing something to such a high standard backed by clinical trials. The drink was welcome on a workday, when we wanted to be functioning at our best. Tastes delicious, and great recyclable packaging.”



Locako MCT Oil & Grass-fed Collagen Coffee Creamer ‘Vanilla Cream’

“This coffee creamer is a delicious addition to a keto diet! It was easy to mix into our coffee, and was a well-received addition to our morning routine.


Go Good Pea Protein Isolate + Organic Chocolate

“Incorporating natural and clean ingredients, this pea protein tasted excellent mixed with water. Not gritty, and no clumps. The chocolate flavour made it the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. Plus, the option to purchase Go Good’s stainless steel shakers makes a welcome addition to the eco-friendly kitchen.”

Tea, Tonic, Elixirs

Golden Heart Organic Chai Drink

“The best chai we’ve ever tried. We kept going back for more! A delicious and organic chai for adding to hot drinks, smoothies and baking. The paste-like texture was easy to use and these organic Ayurvedic spices have so many health benefits.”

Best Nutrition Hack

Chantal Organics Tahini Black

“A versatile ingredient, this organic tahini is a nutritional powerhouse! It was delicious, and is also an affordable source of calcium.”


AWWA Eva Brief

“A modern style and you don’t feel like you’re wearing a sanitary product – life changing! These revolutionary briefs were empowering to wear, and are great for all ages. A chic and eco-friendly cost-saver.”



Aleph Beauty Radiance ‘Sun’

“When applied to the eyelid, the highlighter was nourishing to the skin and held depth in its pigment. The mindfully designed packaging stood out in this category.”


Living Nature ‘Precious 09’ Lipstick

“Not only is this all-natural mineral-based lipstick a versatile colour, it moistened the lips. Made in New Zealand and cruelty-free, it’s another fabulous product by Living Nature.”


Aleph Concealer/Foundation

“This highly innovative foundation is presented in fully recyclable packaging. Tick! The colour adjusts to your face, regardless of skin type. Aleph is transforming the industry.


Skye Facial Konjac Sponge

“An environmentally friendly, simple yet luxurious way to wash and exfoliate the face every day. Can’t live without this product now that I have it.”

SustainaBLAH Razor

“I love that I can get rid of plastic from my bathroom. This razor lasts forever and it’s super sleek, travels easily and works really well.”

Do-gooder Ecofloss Silk Dental Floss, $7, with refills. “Such an easy way to use less plastic. This silk floss works well and is no hassle to refill.”


Aleph Beauty

You can shop the Best of Natural Awards’ winning products online at Healthpost, The Better Company.

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