Beauty on your terms: empower yourself with Aleph Beauty

When we begin to unpack make-up – the reasons we wear it and how we justify the time and money we invest in it – empowerment isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind.

Sardonically, make-up has been worn for external admiration and validation in a society that expects females to present themselves in a certain way and rise to the beauty standard that has historically been dictated by men. 

It is only now, as we step boldly into a new era with changing mindsets, that the perception of make-up has inverted to become a catalyst for self-confidence, creativity and praise for inner beauty. 

Image from Aleph's recent beauty campaign

For Aleph founder Emma Peters, make-up has always been about empowerment. As a make-up artist for near three decades, she saw how coverage and colour could lift a person’s mood and energy. 

With Aleph she has created a make-up kit that empowers women to wear make-up the way they want. 

“Make-up really has nothing to do with anyone else. It’s about putting your best face forward in whatever way you choose. Beauty is for you, it’s not about being someone else,” says Emma. 

Aleph’s infinitely customisable make-up range empowers the creativity of the wearer, with colour and coverage to complement natural beauty.  

“The vicious cycle that a lot of make-up wearers fall victim to is covering their skin to mask underlying skin concerns, unwanted texture or blemishes,” says Emma. “And depending on the types of products you’re using, make-up could then be overriding the positive effects of your skincare routine saviours. But by changing the way we approach daily make-up application, it can actually serve to complement your skincare regime with colour cosmetics that promote skin health and appearance.” 

Aleph’s skincare infused make-up range helps to promote skin health over time. It hosts a number of active, innovative ingredients to refine skin texture, improve hydration and protect skin from external aggressors, helping you to achieve a flawless look while improving and protecting your skin. 

The choice is yours:

Aleph’s award-winning Concealer/Foundation is designed for coverage the way you choose it.  
Mix with Aleph Serum/Primer to create a light veil, apply with the Aleph Diffuser Brush for medium coverage or neat with the fingertips for a full coverage concealer.
Or add a touch of Radiance for an illuminating base that attracts and diffuses light, evens skin tone and gives the skin a lively boost. 

Find out more at: alephbeauty.com.

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