Bamboo, silk and all things beauty sleep

Want to feel like you’re hopping into a luxurious bed every night? Or do you dream of frizz-free hair and soft skin? Brands like Ecosa are making this possible with bamboo and silk bedding.

Bamboo and silk bedding have great benefits and both will make you feel like an absolute queen. Bamboo and silk are ultra soft, comfortable, sustainable, and moisture wicking. They also work to reduce premature wrinkles and help to regulate your temperature while snoozing.

After a week of sleeping on gifted Ecosa bamboo sheets, my wavy-hair frizz was significantly reduced and my skin wasn’t covered in red lines from crumpled polyester sheets in the morning.

Ecosa is a mattress-in-a-box brand that also sells pillows, bed frames, and a sustainable bedding line. The brand was born within Australia in 2015 and has since moved into New Zealand, Hong Kong, the USA, and Canada.


Ecosa spokesperson Emma Edwards says “we are still bringing that high-quality sleep experience at a much more affordable price.”

Ecosa’s bedding materials are natural and soft and work for all seasons. “It looks great and it feels great. The weave allows you to regulate your natural body temperature. So, use it in winter or summer, if you’re hot, it will cool you down. Or if you are cold, it will warm you up,” says Edwards.

Emma Edwards

Ecosa uses chemical-free dyes and less water because of their manufacturing processes. They use materials that require a low level of energy to produce. The sheets come packaged in a luxury cardboard box with no plastic in sight. Their bed base is made from FSC certified sustainable forests and is finished with an eco-friendly Osmo Oil.

By using very gentle and natural materials like bamboo and silk, Ecosa works for consumers with allergies too. Ecosa’s silk pillowcases are made from 100 percent, 25 momme, mulberry silk. These pillowcases allow your skin to truly breathe.


Edwards says while not only producing environmentally friendly fabrics, they also love to give back to the community. “We work with a charity in Australia called sleepbus. It’s a guy who worked in corporate business and then eventually retired from that and decided to renovate old buses and make them into sleep pods for homeless people. We now provide him the mattresses free of charge.”

Ecosa also partners with The Salvation Army to donate its returned mattresses. Any Ecosa mattress that is unwanted by a customer during the 100-night trial period, is picked up from their home by the Salvation Army and given to families in need or used in alternative housing options.

So, how important is sleep? Edwards says it’s important for everyone, no matter their situation, to get a good night’s sleep. “It’s one of those things that you know is important, but you put it off because the effect doesn’t show up right away.”

“We went to the National Sleep Symposium in Sydney last year, and that was a huge goal. People don’t realise there are just so many effects of sleeping badly. Your connections are completely changed, even if you’re just a couple of hours sleep deprived, it can affect your sense of taste or smell. That can have a knock-on effect on your nutrition because if you’re not fully tasting things, you might be more likely to reach the junk food.”


Edwards recommends analysing what your night and morning routine looks like to achieve good sleep hygiene. Making sure you are hydrating your body before and after you sleep is crucial. Getting a glass of water into your body before coffee can make a big difference in how your body functions. Try setting yourself a routine to follow each night and each morning. This routine can contribute to a better night’s sleep as your body adjusts and knows it’s time for some Z’s.

So, for more information on ways to have a better night’s rest, check out our article on getting more beauty sleep.

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