In the age of rushing, we’re finding ourselves with a slow movement on the rise. Soon the days of celebrating ‘busy’ will be long gone. No longer will we wear busy like a badge of honour.  With the burnout epidemic coming to a head in early

Imagine a world where being kind is taught in school, it’s at the top of companies’ values and people are hired not only on their IQ, but their EQ. Dutch researcher and author Rutger Bregman thinks there is a reason to believe people are inherently good. Bregman’s

Why it’s no longer a “boys’ club”.  Have you invested before? Maybe in property, the share market or cryptocurrency? Chances are, if you answered no and you’re female, you’re not alone.  Research shows that women have always been behind in the investing game, and not necessarily through

Learning the wisdom of life through Ayurveda. Do you have ongoing health problems that a doctor can’t seem to resolve? Or maybe you’ve had health issues for so long you’ve forgotten what symptom-free feels like. According to Ayurveda – India’s holistic healing system dating back over 5,000

How gratitude practises, manifestation and day-to-day journaling can enhance your wellbeing and life. You need not be a prolific writer or renowned journalist to begin writing, all you need is a little desire and dedication. But why would one want to begin writing you ask? Well,

Why there’s truth in the saying ‘the early bird gets the worm’. From the wise words of Aristotle “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” There’s no doubt you’ve heard it before, successful people owe their dues to a

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