Sisters are doing it for themselves in rural Vanuatu, using their entrepreneurial skills to create a better future for their families. Words: Kelsey-Rae Taylor. Photography: Artur Francisco Rural communities across the Pacific are facing huge challenges to their traditional ways of life due to the increasingly chaotic

A time honoured concept and the inspiration behind a new kind of nutrition product, we introduce to you Kai Tonic. The use of ‘functional foods’ and ‘healing nutrition’ has gained big traction internationally. The likes of bone broths, turmeric, adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms have become increasingly

Heather Thomas of The Mindful Kitchen shares her recipe for flatbread. All you need is flour, salt, oil and milk. Archaeobotanists have discovered that flatbread is a staple of human vitality that predates the agricultural revolution. “As early as 14,400 years ago, nomadic hunter-gatherers were making flatbread,”

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