Give dull stationery and tatty old books a revamp using gorgeous patterned prints. This how-guide will have you making covers to protect your favourite hardback novel, a much-loved volume of poetry or a precious childhood story – and fill a whole shelf with Liberty prints. The following method is

Your precious mementoes, quirky hand-me-downs and souvenirs from the past are worth showing off at home. Artfully arranged, these collectables can have a powerful visual and emotional effect on an interior Words by Sarah Heeringa. Photography by Jane Ussher 1 Find your own style  A collection begins as soon as we have

Make an afternoon tea a crafternoon tea - by getting crafty with your friends and enjoying some delectable delights in the process. As seen in issue 19 of Good and extracted with permission from Granny’s Kitchen: Baking, and the Aunt Daisy Cookbook, here are some

Learning to find satisfaction in everyday things, making a little go a long way and finding creative expression in crafts – Good discovers what the generations before us knew about living well We’ve come a long way in 80 years. By rights, we ought to be

Doing the laundry can be a thankless chore, so you want to be sure you’re tackling the job in the smartest way. Here’s how to give your laundry – and your laundry habits – an easy makeover Since 1892 we've had machines to help us out,

'Tis the season for a hearty stew with dumplings – accompanied by perfect mashed potatoes. Rug up warmly and tuck in Venison stew with dumplings No one seems to make dumplings these days – a great shame considering the extra deliciousness and substance they add! Stew: 600g venison (or you

Afternoons spent climbing trees, building huts in the garden, or just whiling away time cloud-gazing are the kind of experiences that can be restorative, nurture creativity, and help children form an essential bond with nature Unstructured – and in some cases relatively unsupervised – outdoor play

Most of us spend a decent chunk of our lives at work - but is it a healthy environment to be in? The good news is that there are lots of easy but effective changes you and your colleagues can make. Try this handy checklist to

At this time of year, anything you can do in your garden that returns food in a mere couple of weeks has got to be worth a go. We introduce some of the edible garden’s tiniest stars. Micro-what? Microgreens are really the next stage on from sprouts,

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