A message to singles during COVID-19

Justine Jamieson explains why we should keep dating during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Dating during a Covid-19 lockdown is by no means ideal. While the lockdown is allowing us the time to go within, this doesn’t mean having to go without.

Online dating apps are a great place to expand your network and meet people you might not ever be blessed to meet along your travels. I’ve met my best friend on Bumble, and also a billionaire property developer, an Egyptologist, a psychotherapist, the list goes on.

Online dating apps are also great for your own personal development around how you communicate. They’re great for working through the fears of rejection, neglect, and that niggling thought of I’m not good enough. They’re perfect for clearing karma, if you believe in that, and learning how to keep your heart open after a not-so-great experience.

For some single people, the news that we’ll be on lockdown away from people didn’t make much of a difference to our social life. A month at home watching romcoms on Netflix, drinking tea/wine, scrolling the ’Gram, writing ‘wisdom-filled’ status updates on Facebook, and chatting to friends is what makes up the majority of my life coming into the colder months anyway.

So, here are some reasons you should brush up your (non-filtered) profile and start online dating during the lockdown:

  1. You literally have a captive audience, finally you won’t have to wait so long for a reply.
  2. Having to wait at least four weeks to meet someone in person adds to the mystery and intrigue. If you don’t feel ‘the spark’ after one month of you both not touching anyone, well, then it maybe isn’t meant to be.
  3. You have more time to get to know each other to see if you’re compatible on many levels, not just the physical, which grows later anyway.
  4. You will have the time to give yourself so much self-love, that your energy will be so attractive to many people.
  5. Video calling is a great idea to really get to know someone and have no big Tinder surprise when you meet them.

Use this time wisely to give yourself what you need, whether that is a self-pleasure practice, wholesome food nourishment, exercise, or silent time.

Stay positively in love with each moment and happy dating.

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