Platter perfection

Phoebe and Emily of Together catering share tips for creating a summer platter.

1. Presentation 

The surface you use to create your platter upon is important. We love using large boards created from recycled timber.

2. Hunt & gather

Gather a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables in a range of colours to create a vibrant base to your platter. Think orange baby carrots, fresh green rocket, red grapes, green snow peas, and blueberries (almost any seasonal produce would work).

3. Quality over quantity

Choose the best quality chutneys and dips. Homemade is always best but if you are buying, look for ones with the least amount of sugar and additives. Use a selection of dips – a fruity chutney, a spiced relish or pesto, and a creamy feta or vegan aioli dip. 

4. Flavour combinations

Some of our favourites are blue cheese, honey comb and fresh figs, melon, basil and prosciutto, and sharp cheddar and a fruit paste. Get creative with what you use and look to seasonal produce and herbs. 

5. Mix & match

We love our platters to have a good variety of flavours and textures. We create this by using a mixture of raw, cooked and pickled vegetables, fresh and dried fruit, crunchy seed crackers and soft sourdough bread, salty cured meats and creamy cheeses.

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