Climate Positive accreditation for Duffle&Co

New Zealand apparel brand Duffle&Co has been accredited as Climate Positive. They are the second business in the country to achieve this certification, having offset 120 per cent of their carbon footprint. 

Wellington accessory brand Duffle&Co has achieved climate positive accreditation by proving that they have measured and offset 120 per cent of their carbon footprint for their entire business operations for the 2018 financial year.

From buying materials to typing on laptops, every emission their business created was calculated. Actions were then taken to reduce, reverse then offset those emissions, then analysed and recognised with EKOS certified carbon credits.

Ekos is a non-profit enterprise that develops carbon projects to grow and protect indigenous forests in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. They connect carbon offset buyers with these projects by measuring business and individual carbon footprints, supplying certified indigenous forest carbon offsets, and providing zero carbon certification.

Duffle&Co is driven by impact and believe it should be a core part of every sustainable business. With the changing consumer mindset we now know that 66 per cent of global consumers are willing to pay more for goods from companies that are committed to sustainability.

“We feel uneasy about our future, particularly when it comes to the depletion of natural resources. With this certification we want to show that it IS possible to use a business model to create positive environmental and social change. We hope that other business and consumers alike will feel inspired and also make actionable changes to reduce their footprint on the planet,” Danny Pritchard, Co Founder of Duffle&Co says.

Duffle & Co founder Danny Pritchard with artisans in Bali.

Working to create social and environmental change, Duffle&Co was founded in 2015 on the belief that you should be able to buy remarkable products that look good and do good too.

With innovation at the core of the business, Duffle&Co have broadened their range to include materials such as organic bamboo, hemp and pineapple leather, brought to life through master craftsmanship to create products that are kinder on our planet. Each day Duffle&Co gets a little bit closer to creating a world where making products that support people and nature is the expectation not the exception.

Other business highlights for the brand include:

●  Certified B Corporation

●  Sustainable Business Network Member

●  Finalist in the Rotary Kickstarter Award 2017

●  Finalist in the ExportNZ Excellence in Innovation Award 2018

●  Featured in a number of publications including British Vogue and Good magazine

●  Planted over 10,000 mangrove trees in Indonesia to restore fish supplies, promote biodiversity and provide jobs to local villages

●  Plastic has been removed from their entire business chain, and they are currently exploring using recycled plastic bottles as a fabric

●  Provided over 5,000 workdays to craftsmen in need in Indonesia, most of whom lost their jobs from the trade shift to China

●  Advised & consulted large businesses to help them on their sustainable journey


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