6 sustainable florists to follow on Instagram

By Makayla Wallace-Tidd

June 11, 2020

Instagram is a floral lover’s happy place. The platform is filled with millions of images of floral creations from all over the globe.

But did you know that the average florist’s wastage sits around 30-40 percent?

Sustainable florists are more important than ever as we push for companies to make smarter choices to cater for customer demand.

To keep your Instagram feed as beautiful as possible, here are eight sustainable florists from New Zealand to follow and support. 

1.    Rose Tinted Flowers

Follow for: artistic photography of gorgeously imperfect and out of the box floral arrangements.

2.    Bloomsday

Follow for: Marayke Bouma has created a wonderfully warm-toned feed full of positivity and unique custom orders. 


3.    One Poppy 

Follow for: a feed of love and passion that features amazing wedding florals and emotion-evoking images.

4.    Leaf and Petal

Follow for: a constant stream of gorgeous blooms in bright colours that can light up your day while scrolling. 

5.    Ruby Rose 

Follow for: a pink-hued feed that instantly makes you imagine the fantastic smell of fresh bouquets.


6.   Kensal

Follow for: giant rustic arrangements that make your heart feel just as big. A beautiful vintage and homegrown feel.  

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