5 ways with turmeric

Turmeric has quickly risen in the ranks of one of the most popular, and healthiest spices out there. Here are five ways to use this wonder ingredient.

1. Turmeric latte 
If you haven’t tried a turmeric latte yet, you are in for a truly lovely experience. A good turmeric latte tastes creamy, spicy and earthy and leaves you feeling satiated. See the current May/June issue of Good for Rachel Grunwell’s Turmeric Latte recipe. 

2. Nourishing Turmeric Broth 
Turmeric has incredible antioxidant properties, and put in a broth, the healing benefits can be quite incredible. Our Nourishing Garlic and Turmeric Bone Broth offers immunity support, detoxification, joint protection and collagen production for skin and healing and sealing your gut.

3. Sprinkle it over your scrambled eggs
Use a pinch of turmeric in scrambled eggs, a frittata, or tofu scramble to start your day bright and get in your antioxidants as soon as possible. 

4. Use it as a condiment 
Add a dab of turmeric to your sauteed greens such as kale and cabbage, or use it to add flavour and colour to your rice dishes 

5. Smoothie 
Much like adding it to your latte, adding turmeric to your drinks is one way of making your drink look vibrant and pretty, but due to its subtle flavour it also adds a healthy kick as well. 

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