5 Hand Sanitisers to try

Hand sanitiser

New Zealand is now at alert level two, but there is still a need for us to be proactive and protective to prevent transmission of COVID-19 and other winter illnesses, including the dreaded flu.

Sanitising is a simple solution to reducing the number of germs transferred between people sharing a space. If we all sanitise upon entry and exit of a building or other shared space, the risk of infection is much lower. More brands are producing pocket-sized products so you can keep one in your bag, car, and on your desk. Larger bottles of hand sanitiser work great to keep at entrances of homes or workplaces.

Here at Good, we have a few of our own favourites. These five are our current picks to keep the germs at bay so you can enjoy the good parts of winter, like hot chocolates and wooly jumpers. 

Linden Leaves Hand Sanitiser

This Linden Leaves sanitiser not only combats 99.9 percent of germs, but it also looks beautiful. Made from an alcohol-based formula, it’s enriched with kawakawa and pohutukawa extract to soothe and protect your hands. The subtle rose scent, a signature for Linden Leaves, keeps the overwhelming smell of alcohol at bay. 

Wet & Forget Hand Sanitiser

Wet and Forget have released this great product to combat the sanitiser demand since COVID-19 hit. This is an alcohol-free and water-based sanitiser that uses antimicrobial technology to combat 99.9 percent of bacteria. With added aloe vera extract and a soft citronella scent, this sanitiser will keep you protected for up to four hours.

ManukaRX Hand Sanitiser

This ManukaRX hand sanitiser will give you on the go protection with a lemongrass scent, Manuka oil, and 70 percent alcohol base. Manuka oil has antibacterial properties that help make this sanitiser as effective as possible. Added betaine also helps reduce irritation of your skin. 

The Herb Farm Natural Hand Sanitiser

This natural sanitiser from The Herb Farm helps kill germs while offering extra protection by including antibacterial essential oils. It’s made with 60 percent ethanol (natural alcohol), lemon, lavender, tea tree and clove leaf essential oils. The added vegetable glycerine softens your skin and helps reduce the drying effect of alcohol. 

Back To The Wild Essential Oil Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitiser

This hand sanitiser from Back To The Wild is made from 70 percent isopropyl alcohol and ethanol along with nourishing essential oils. The essential oils paired with witch hazel extract make for a powerful antibacterial formula. Back To The Wild recommends using a moisturiser daily if using sanitiser regularly to prevent over-drying of the skin.

We hope you like our picks, and if all else fails, you could try to make your own, perhaps taking some inspiration from our DIY natural antibacterial spray.

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