Good magazine’s wellness columnist Rachel Grunwell is an ambassador for the John West 12km Traverse at the Auckland Marathon event on October 29 (alongside elite runner Ciaran Faherty). She writes about life “on-the-run” and shares tips and inspiration. Words Rachel Grunwell Girls will outnumber guys when participants

Good magazine talked to the team behind the Auckland cafe all about neighbourhood, Crave   What’s the story behind Crave? This used to be written on the walls of the old Crave building, and is great for understanding the story behind it. Crave cafe is owned by a collective.

You had me at kumara! No summer entertaining spread is complete without kumara on the table and these maple and rosemary kumara fries are amazing.  Recipe Caralee Caldwell. Photography Kiel Wode Serves 8 Prepare 10 minutes Cook 20 minutes 8 kumara 1 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp natural maple syrup 1 tbsp

These delicious asparagus spears are perfect for entertaining guests during the festive season. You can present these as a canapé or serve as a side dish with your Christmas dinner. Recipe Caralee Caldwell. Photography Kiel Wode Serves 8 Prepare 5 minutes Cook 15 minutes 16 asparagus spears 8 slices

Duck makes a great festive dish, and plums are abundant in New Zealand in December – often there are so many you don’t know what to do with them. This glaze goes perfectly with duck, ham or chicken.  Recipe Caralee Caldwell. Photography Kiel Wode Serves 8 Prepare

Sawcut Gorge is a geological wonder that slices through time. Words Tania Seward Anyone who has driven State Highway 1 between Blenheim and Kaikoura will remember it well. The winding road, the waves breaking within metres of the highway, the glimpses of fur seals along the coastline. It’s

Add a personal touch to your Christmas gifts with unique and easy-to-make papers and cards. Words and styling Sarah Heeringa. Photography Amanda Reelick What's not to love about brown paper packages tied up with string? We're with Julie Andrews on this one.  Give your parcels a new twist

This delicately citrus-flavoured shortbread makes a classic Christmas treat that's perfect with a cup of tea. I use Trade Aid Golden Cane Sugar, ground in a blender, for a special caster sugar that adds a subtle caramel colour and taste – and Fairtrade goodness!  Recipe and

The best outdoor rooms are comfortable, welcoming spaces that connect the indoors with out. With a little imagination they can be surprisingly easy to create. Words Sarah Heeringa. Photography Getty Images (hero) and Amanda Reelick. Summer is all about relaxed hospitality and enjoying the outdoors – so

Laid-back Californian beach life effortlessly melds with big-city sophistication in Santa Monica.  Words John Bishop. Photography Getty Images, John Bishop and Santa Monica Travel & Tourism Santa Monica, a seaside town of 94,000 people southwest of Los Angeles, prides itself on being politically liberal, environmentally caring, alternative

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