Good's nutrition columnist Ben Warren of BePure suggests ways we can support our relationship hormones Words Ben Warren. Illustration Janelle Barone, Makers MGMT I believe experiencing full relationships with the people around us is one life’s most fulfilling experiences. We all know how good it feels to be

Good's psychology expert and headcase columnist Dr Alice Boyes shares some advice on how to reconnect with your partner  Words Dr Alice Boyes. Illustration Janelle Baron, Makers MGMT Every long-term relationship goes through periodic lulls – bad patches when you’re irritable and lack feelings of closeness and

Good's wellness columnist Rachel Grunwell contemplates on the positive impacts of pets at work.  Words Rachel Grunwell. Illustration Janelle Barone, Makers MGMT A wagging tail is how a dog smiles and when we see that wagging tail, it makes us smile too. It turns out smiling more is

With spring comes a renewed desire to be more active again, so there is no better time than now to fine tune the way we move.  Words Gemma Monachino Wellness is more than just the absence of disease – it is an intricate combination of physical, mental,

Red Seal's naturopath Julie Fergusson breaks down the benefits of activated charcoal, both a figurative and literal lifesaver in many cases.  Words Julie Fergusson, naturopath of Red Seal You’ve probably seen the videos sweeping the internet… guys and girls peeling black masks off their faces revealing smooth

You don't have to live with uncomfortable bloating, try this tasty solution  Recipe and words Reece Carter. Photography Stuart Scott Digestive Dukkah for bloating Fennel seeds contain oils that relax the muscle lining our digestive tract. The seeds can ease digestion and help relieve painful bloating. I find

The famed fermented tea has truly gone mainstream - and here's how you can brew your own for good health Words Lindy Davis. Illustration Lisa Lodge Miracle fungus, gout jellyfish and Manchurian mushroom tea – these are all names that describe the popular fermented tea commonly known

Get a little creative with this simple homemade modelling dough  Styling and photography Sarah Heeringa Use leaves with strong shapes and veins (for instance try puka, ladder fern and rhododendron leaves) to press into the clay. Roll a ball of dough between the backs of two large

You're guaranteed to feel virtuous after drinking this vibrant, refreshing juice There are so many benefits to beetroot juice. Beets have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, contain brain function-boosting vitamin B3 – and I also love how they taste in this drink.  The colour always pops out at

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