Free-range, barn-raised, certified organic … popping to the shops for a dozen is not the simple task it once was. There are all sorts of claims and labels, and some key differences between the main egg-production systems. Clearly some producers treat their chooks to a better life

As clothing prices have plummeted over the last ten years, we’ve bought more than ever before but typically spent far less on any one item. The nation’s wardrobes are bulging but these cheap new clothes may have come at a cost that’s far greater than

Turn your bedroom into the haven of your dreams with this easy eco makeover Glass bottles and wire baskets from Father Rabbit; necklaces from Victorian Gilt, jugs, stylist’s own The bedroom is where we spend the majority of our at-home hours. Granted, we’re probably sleeping for much of that

Loathe lycra? Take another look at the well dressed citizen Jane revolution riding up a storm along New Zealand’s inner-city streets Auckland bike-chic blogger Unity Finesmith is always on her bicycle, but has never owned cycling gear. Cycling in style is about showing people that riding

Meet the locals bringing recycling to town in South Westland’s tiny Okarito South Westland has the kind of brilliant, raw scenery that makes us feel proud to be Kiwi. It’s the stuff of inspirational ads, sweeping helicopter shots and uplifting music. Think 100% Pure New Zealand

Local craft beer is everything that bland, mass-market, macho beers are not. It’s brewed lovingly with traditional methods, using ingredients that add character and flavour - all packaged with an extra measure of whimsy and flair. Here's our guide to the pick of the crop,

Take imaginative play one step further with an ingenious fabric house that fits over your dining table A table tent helps you make the most of limited space, is perfect for rainy days, and when it’s dinnertime in the real world – it can simply be

Buying pork raises lots of environmental and ethical questions – which is not something you want to grapple with when you’re just after a ham sandwich. Andy Kenworthy surveys the various labels to help you tell the difference between pork and porkies. Imported pork New Zealand imports

Few of us enjoy the last-minute, late-night jostle with the crowds at the mall, trying to find that elusive present that says we care. Do your preparations for Christmas feel overly commercialised, or even a bit out of control? Add significance – and avoid the stress

Food's all around us – we just need to learn how to see it, explains the UK foraging queen Alys Fowler. Read on to learn more about finding food in unusual places Food is all around us – we just need to learn how to see

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