A shonky breakfast gets your body off to the worst possible start. As cold weather creeps up on us, it's time to rediscover hearty ways to begin the day Depriving yourself of a decent breakfast is likely to leave you fuzzy-headed, forgetful – and susceptible to

21 clever ways to make your favourite clothes last longer Limited edition Valentine II dress by Kelsey Genna, handmade in New Zealand www.kelseygenna.com Washing 1 We all know about separating whites from coloured clothing, but it also pays to sort your wash by texture. In the machine, any heavy-duty fabrics

Your precious mementoes, quirky hand-me-downs and souvenirs from the past are worth showing off at home. Artfully arranged, these collectables can have a powerful visual and emotional effect on an interior Words by Sarah Heeringa. Photography by Jane Ussher 1 Find your own style  A collection begins as soon as we have

Give dull stationery and tatty old books a revamp using gorgeous patterned prints. This how-guide will have you making covers to protect your favourite hardback novel, a much-loved volume of poetry or a precious childhood story – and fill a whole shelf with Liberty prints. The following method is

What makes your home a haven – where family values and a sense of belonging go hand-in-hand? What makes your home a haven – where family values and a sense of belonging go hand-in-hand? If I were asked to name the chief benefit of the house, I

We may not apply the same scrutiny – or wealth of beauty products – to our feet as we do to our faces, but they're equally deserving of our tender love and care Treating your toes to a bit of luxury starts with one thing –

What does your front entrance say about your home or what lies within? A few simple tweaks can make a dramatic difference to the welcome on offer Words Sarah Heeringa Dress up your newly painted door with a mat from Trade Aid plus sturdy Blunt Umbrellas What does your

Death and loss are difficult enough for adults to fathom – so how do you help your kids deal with it? We tune our parenting to match the maturiy of our kids, but a key ingredient remains the same right the way through : love, expressed

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