Bouquet garni is French for ‘garnished bouquet’. It’s simply a bundle of herbs tied together with string or collected in a small piece of cheesecloth. You can make your own bouquet garni using clean string or twine and a selection of strong fresh herbs.  Bouquet garni is French

A scrumptious and filling salad. For a vegetarian option, simply use vegetable stock and omit steak. Recipe and styling Sarah Heeringa. Photography Amanda Reelick 2 medium sized porterhouse steaks,    we used Silver Fern Farms Beef Porterhouse Steaks 2 medium orange kumara, peeled and cubed 2 cups vegetable or chicken

Chronic tardiness is all about your personality type, says psychology expert Alice Boyes  Personality types can overlap and blend, but if lateness is a character trait you wish to change, then identifying root causes is a good place to start.  The people pleaser People pleasers are late because

From global antibiotic resistance to eco-friendly hair products, how we manage our health has a strong impact on the world  The recently released Antimicrobial Resistance – Implications for New Zealanders report by The Royal Society compiled evidence on what impacts antimicrobial resistance would have in New Zealand. With many

We live in an age of constant communication, but for many that means we've never felt so remote. Ditch the screen and get connected old-skool style with these tips.  Words Jai Breitnauer 1. Be unavailable Between answering emails, texting your husband and checking your holiday snaps have uploaded on

Fancy a bit of chair yoga? Wilhemeema Isabella Monroe from SOUL Business Revolution shares hot tips for keeping moving without getting off your butt  They say sitting in chairs could be the new smoking; in 20 years’ time we will ask ourselves, why did we ever do

Check out the Autumn issue of Good - your May/June issue to find Natalie Cyra's interview with Jason Shon Bennett, health researcher and author of the new book, My 20 Golden Rules  Check out the Autumn issue of Good - your May/June issue to find Natalie Cyra's

As Bette David once put it - old age is no place for sissies. Good's Jai Breitnauer contemplates what it means to be older these days  Words Jai Breitnauer 1. There are more of us New Zealand is getting older, with 13 percent of the population over 65, while

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