Writing your way through winter

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Living on a farm, one gets finely attuned to the seasons. Winter in particular. It’s a time of quiet, of slowing down. It’s the season of fence-mending, tractor servicing, and recuperation after a busy summer and autumn.

The paddocks lie fallow, covered with frost and it appears as if everything has died. But, those who live close to the soil know that this is just an illusion. While it may look dead on the surface, beneath the soil the roots are alive and resting, renewing their strength for the growth of Spring.

In much the same way, for us, winter can be a time of mending and healing. It invites us to slow down and look within. This season offers the gifts of reflection, rest, restoration and replenishment.

Grab your journal and a pen, (or just a piece of paper if you are new to journaling!) pour yourself something warm to drink, and take a moment to get quiet and look within to reconnect with yourself as you use these journaling prompts.

Remember there is no right or wrong, good or bad when you journal. Just write from your heart.  Write what’s true for YOU. The answers you seek are always within you.


Winter means many things to different people. It may hold memories, feelings or symbolic meaning.

When I think of winter…

What are you feeling as we enter this season? Don’t stop after the first two or three feelings, keep writing and see what comes out – you might be surprised!

I feel…

When we have strong feelings, there’s often an unmet need hiding beneath those feelings. For example, if you are feeling overwhelmed, what you might be needing is rest, to simplify or seek support. Have a look at your list of feelings and see if you can uncover what your needs are.

 I need…


Erica Layne is quoted as saying “Sometimes rest is the most productive thing you can do for body and soul.” Our brains can operate in fight and flight mode or rest and repair mode. We can’t be in both states at the same time. 

It sounds obvious, but it’s easy to forget the importance of rest. It allows our nervous, immune and endocrine systems to relax and our brains are then able to sort and process information and emotions.

What does rest mean to you? 

In which areas of your life do you long for rest?

What do you need to choose to do or let go of to allow yourself to rest in those areas?

What would change for you if you did give yourself permission to rest?


Restoration means to bring back to life, to repair to the original state, or build up again. 

What would you like to restore in your life?

When we restore something that is in disrepair we might need to replace broken parts, make it function again, or recover its original beauty. 

What do you need to do to restore those things in your life?

Do you need help or support to take those actions?


We can learn so much from the innate wisdom of nature.

How can you add beauty to your life this winter?

What can you do to reconnect with nature this season?

Bronwyn Bulwer is a writer and teacher who helps women reconnect with themselves through journaling. For more journaling inspiration and encouragement check out her website.

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