What’s Your Secondhand September Superpower?

Did you know that September is considered a power month in numerology, says forever conscious?  

The month of September has been said to also signify refocusing on inner power, a time to draw on your inner energy to look at motivating, re-evaluating, and achieving new life strategies that will help serve you a more fulfilling life.

What better time to take action this #SecondhandSeptember.  

Secondhand September has become popular over the last few years as Oxfam UK started a pledge in a bid to make purveyors of fashion reconsider their fashion habits and instead encouraging shoppers to say no to new clothes for 30 days to be more socially responsible and to help the planet.

A sustainable and enjoyable way to take action and make more conscious steps towards “conscious consumerism” is to shop your values.  

We ask you to connect with your inner superpowers and choose to support Secondhand September in a way that talks to you.

Pre-loved Princess (Economically Responsible)

Draw on your inner Pre-loved Princess power and support the economically responsible local businesses who choose to be part of a circular economy by choosing to sell secondhand.

These days shopping secondhand is as easy as scrolling through Instagram or checking out the world wide web for your nearest vintage, secondhand or fashion rental service.  

Get creative, find some secondhand and unique items while supporting local businesses participating in sustainable practices.  

By choosing to shop circularly, you are disrupting a system that makegood.world says currently produces over 100 billion times of clothing a year for a planet with just over 7.5 billion people.  

We are wearing our clothes 40% less that we did 10 years ago, and this culture of throw away fast fashion sees one garbage truck full of textiles being burnt or dumped into landfill every second.

Check out local New Zealand pre-loved and vintage dealers like Go Jo Recycled, WelcomeBack_SlowFashion, and Designer Wardrobe for some inspiration.

Wardrobe Warrior (Environmentally Responsible)

Summon the Wardrobe Warrior in yourself and choose to put the environment first by making use of clothing already in circulation and in your wardrobe, promoting sustainability through recycling and less waste.

“Outfit Repeating” is no longer unthinkable, but instead a meaningful conscious choice.  

Be a brave wardrobe warrior and see how many style combinations you can create with one piece of clothing.  

Be inspired by local New Zealand’s Sustainable Living Inspiration Ethically Kate and style movement Miraculous Me for tips around repeat wearing and give it a try this September.

The Stitch Bi*ch (Ethically Responsible)

The Stitch Bi*ch is proud to be part of the craftivisim movement. 

Be ethically responsible with unwavering integrity for environmental protection by mending and caring for clothes for continued clothing longevity.

With all your amazing efforts to choose secondhand clothing, don’t let them go to waste by not taking the right next steps to care for your garments.

Learn how to care for your clothes from the label inside. 

Muster your inner stitch bitch and mend your garments so they too can live their best life. 

Air your clothes outside, the sun helps to free your clothes from odours and stains.

Follow the Repair Cafe NZ on Facebook a local New Zealand group that co-ordinates and advises all the Repair Cafes throughout NZ. 

In fact, they have an online Mending Station event at City Centre Market coming up on Saturday the 18th September 10am – 11.30am… visit their Facebook event page for more details.

Humanitarian Heroine (Philanthropist)

Connect with the energies of your inner humanitarian heroine and seek to promote the welfare of your local community by choosing to shop secondhand from charity organisations and helping them to raise funds for their specific causes.

What better motivation to shop secondhand, than to do it when you know the money you are spending is helping a good cause.  

Visit your local charity shops and take the time to visit their range of secondhand, retro and vintage clothing … Be brave and try on garments!

Visit the Dove Hospice online shop during lockdown, they are always extremely grateful for the support!!

Wear your values this month, whether on zoom calls, on a neighbourhood lockdown walk, or dressing up to go to the supermarket… be loud and proud and choose to make your superpower last longer than the month of September! 

Your secondhand style deserves to be seen outside of lockdown… that’s for sure!!   

Live for #SecondhandForOurFuture

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