The cleaning brand harnessing the power of essential oils

Covid-19 has seen Kiwis in and out of lockdown over the last year and a new survey reveals 70% of Kiwis feel more stressed as a result and 82% are now more conscious of cleanliness than ever before. Introducing YOURS, a new range of Kiwi made cleaning products with a high concentration of essential oils, which aims to reduce mental stresses and encourage relaxation.

Not surprisingly, a recent survey revealed that 56% of Kiwis dread their weekly clean, even if they do feel better for it afterwards. Secondly, a staggering 70% of people are interested in the use of essential oils to reduce stress and improve their mood while cleaning.

Essential oils have long been proven to boost energy levels, mood and focus, and the YOURS cleaning range has one of the highest percentages of essential oils on the market. Instead of cleaning with nasty chemicals, it’s free from parabens, sulphates, fragrances, colourants and is not tested on animals. Instead, YOURS uses the power of essential oil combinations such as lemongrass and lime, pine and sweet orange and cinnamon and tangerine, to kill germs, brighten homes and improve moods.

Non-toxic and antibacterial, YOURS delivers a seriously effective clean. Road tested by Kiwi commercial cleaners, the YOURS range has been deemed an effective product by 100% of the cleaning companies who have tried and tested the range commercially over the past 18 months. The products last the distance; 1 cap of YOURS equates to 3 caps of a regular brand.

Following two years of solid research, the winning essential oil based cleaning formulas for YOURS was born. Director Stephanie Duvander says, “I spent years frustrated by supermarket cleaning products that were environmentally friendly but completely ineffective and watered down, they just didn’t cut the mustard. I’m a mum of three and wanted eco-friendly, chemical free products that were sustainable but actually worked and cleaned the house properly, which is why I am so excited for Kiwis to discover YOURS.”

Essential oils have a range of different uplifting benefits: orange lifts your mood, lemongrass invigorates the senses, lime uplifts creativity and pine and cinnamon both provide an energy boost.

Duvander continues, “Indulging your senses with the aromas of essential oils is proven to reduce stress and being able to offer this experience through cleaning products is really special. YOURS takes cleaning, which is normally a mundane chore that leaves you exhausted and turns it into an uplifting experience that actually can brighten your world – who would have thought that wiping down your kitchen bench could actually invigorate you? But with the high concentration of essential oil in our surface cleaners – it actually does.”

With a strong focus on sustainability, the YOURS business is carbon friendly. All products are made with plant-based surfactants, and packaging is 100% recycled plastic.

From a multipurpose Surface Cleaner, a must-have Toilet Cleaner, to a naturally tough Stain and Mould Remover, YOURS cleaning essentials are a revolutionary new way to clean your home and boost your mood at the same time. Who would have thought?

Find out more at www.yoursnz.com.

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