In search of a good night's sleep, Good editor Carolyn Enting tries ear auricular therapy as part of Cordis Auckland's Heart of Dreams and Sleep Matters programme. Sometimes you just need a good night’s sleep and for many, that can be elusive. I can honestly say that

The importance of a good night’s sleep is undervalued in today’s society. But research suggests it’s far more important than we give it credit for. What if we valued the time we spent sleeping just as much as our waking hours? Imagine a world with sensible

Daydreaming is good for our happiness and health. It inspires, gives us purpose and makes us feel good. We look at why dreaming is a stepping stone to achieving goals and how to tap into that dream time. The turning over of a new year often

PRODUCED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH GOOD X ARTEMIS Having difficulty sleeping? You’re not alone – a third of New Zealand adults get less than 7 hours sleep each night, the minimum recommended by the Ministry of Health. One of the primary causes of poor sleep is chronic

The phrase ‘beauty sleep’ has been around forever but have you ever wondered whether it is actually a real thing? The answer is yes! It’s true that the dreaded panda eyes, puffy face and pale skin can be enough to make ourselves feel a little less attractive, but

Staying well during times like these is incredibly important. Wellness is driven by the way we give back to our bodies, both physically and mentally. Do what you can and try not to compare yourself to others during the pandemic. The right thing to do

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