New online tool helps to self-prescribe the perfect tea to attain health benefits

With increasing numbers of people searching for more natural health options in an uncertain world, renowned tea experts The Tea Thief have launched a new online tool allowing customers to self-prescribe organic teas and infusions to suit their specific health requirements, and tastes.

Addressing everything from sleeplessness, anxiety and stress to immunity, mental focus and weight loss, The Tea Thief’s infusions harness ancient knowledge and remedies from around the globe, offering them to Kiwis for their remarkable health and wellbeing benefits.

A newly-launched online quiz takes users through a series of questions about the benefit or outcome they are seeking, how and when they usually drink teas, what they may add to their tea, and what flavours they prefer, before diagnosing the perfect variety to help.

The Tea Thief co-founder Ruth Wynne says that since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, they have noticed an increase in people looking for natural health options.

“People are more interested in teas that are calming and anxiety-relieving, as well as immune-boosting,”

“With people working from home more, they are also looking for assistance with mental focus and brain health, and weight-loss has also been a sought-after health benefit,” she says.

One tea on offer that ticks the boxes for a range of health benefits, and is particularly popular with regular customers, is called “Tickety-Brew”.

Made from naturally blue, Butterfly Blue Pea flowers, lavender and ginger, the tea uses centuries-old knowledge and is known for its anti-ageing and calming properties, as well as for supporting healthy cholesterol levels, good sleep and brain health.

It’s a great example, Ruth says of the offerings at The Tea Thief that can really help with health in a natural way.

No stranger herself to health issues, having suffered from gut and inflammation issues since she was a teenager, and then later dealing with anxiety and infertility, Ruth says her own health journey led to her discovery of the powerful benefits found in teas and infusions around the world and used as remedies in many different cultures for thousands of years.

“This is what led me to want to share this knowledge with others, and is a driver behind the philosophy The Tea Thief is based on,” she says.

Along with husband and co-founder Dave Capstick, Ruth’s values for the business are ensuring their growers and suppliers are ethical and sustainable, and that the organic and wild teas they provide are the best possible quality, providing benefit for health, body, mind and spirit.

“We realised there are so many wonderful, healthy and beneficial teas around the world, from ancient shamanic herbs to ayurvedic remedies,” she says.

“Every day we enjoy the ritual of choosing which tea suits our needs, tastes or mood, and our new quiz allows other people to prescribe themselves the best tea for their situation too”.

Try the quiz and see how to find the perfect tea to suit your own unique needs.

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