New eco period underwear launches for Spring

By Good Magazine

September 25, 2020

AWWA period proof underwear are proud to announce a world first, the new ‘AWWA All Day’ absorbs 5 regular pads or 3 super tampons worth of flow – making environmentally friendly period care more affordable than ever.

Higher absorbency, in fact the highest absorbency period underwear in the world but with the same slimlines, means fewer pairs of period underwear for a cycle, and total reassurance for women with extra flow.

AWWA Co-founder Michele Wilson says “We’re focused on giving women and girls more choice in how we manage our flow, and our impact on Papatūāanuku. Spring is a time for new beginnings and we believe there has never been a better time to give back to our planet by changing to plastic free solutions.”

Choosing pads or tampons means a Kiwi woman will contribute 11-17,000 items and plastic packaging to global landfill; and we pay dearly too – around $16,000 in a lifetime! With AWWA period underwear you can eliminate single use products and manage your cycle for much less.

Both AWWA Eva Briefs and Organic Cotton styles are available in this higher super absorbency option and look almost identical to the classic versions; prompting the question – how can such slim-line underwear possibly hold so much?

The answer lies in the creation of a revolutionary new higher absorbency layer, which enables AWWA’s new All Day period underwear to absorb and hold 36 mls of liquid.

That’s four less dashes to the loo every day! Suddenly long boardroom meetings, school exams, sports tournaments, marathons, toddler wrangling, hiking and nights out dancing all seem a little less daunting.

With hundreds of grateful mothers commenting how they love how period underwear has boosted their daughters’ confidence at school, Michele and business partner Kylie Matthews say they are really excited to offer a higher absorbency option for teenagers, who often have more fluctuating periods as their cycles begin.

Kylie points out that the organic cotton option is an especially environmentally friendly period care option, and ideal for girls of school age;

“By choosing organic period underwear, you are saying no to plastic wrapped tampons and plastic heavy pads, and eliminating the use of pesticides from your period products. The cotton in tampons is normally contaminated with dioxins and pesticides, and the normal cotton used in most knickers contains pesticide residues. We want to protect our daughters from exposure to pesticides; and also protect the earth from pesticide poisons.”

Great news New Zealand; periods just got even simpler, and a whole lot more planet friendly!

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