Make a waterproof cushion

How to sew an outdoor cushion

Take a little indoor comfort outside by turning an old raincoat or empty sack into a few handy, all-weather outdoor cushions. Susan Elijas shows us how

You will need
  • Unwanted raincoat, empty nylon sack or other hardy waterproof material
  • Lots of clean plastic bags
  • Sharp sissors
  • Sewing machine and thread

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Wash the raincoat or nylon sack and lay flat to decide how best to cut fabric into squares. Where possible, incorporate zips and dome fastenings into your cushion design.

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Make sure you end up with two fabric squares of equal size for each cushion. It may be as simple as cutting the sack in half. One medium-sized children’s coat will make at least two cushions.

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Cut out any extra details such as quirky tags or ties.  Sew extra detailing onto the cushion panels.

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Place cushion squares with the right sides facing together and sew around three sides of the cushion. Turn fabric right-side-out.

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Scrunch plastic bags into balls and stuff into cavity until cushion is firmly filled.

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If there are no domes or zip to close the cushion, fold the raw edges of the fabric in and sew along the fourth edge to seal contents.

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