A fresh start with My Food Bag

A new year means a new start, and if your health was on your list of resolutions, you might be glad to hear that My Food Bag is making it super easy with their new Fresh Start plan.  

Fresh Start meal kits are made up of mouth-watering, calorie-controlled meals to help you achieve your goals the delicious way. Choose from a range of 15 nutritionally balanced recipes each week, including ready-made meals and vegetarian options.

All the hard work of preparing and creating healthy dinners is done for you, all you have to do is cook! 

Using New Zealand’s freshest seasonal produce and premium ingredients, you will find a variety of fibre-rich nutrients, delicious whole grains, lean proteins, and refined sugar-free sauces. 

Each recipe has two to three servings of vegetables, with options of locally sourced produce, free range meats and sustainable caught fish. You can be sure you’re getting the absolute best quality nutrition for your body.

Whether you’re focusing on wellness, weight-loss, strength or being more active, Fresh Start has got your dinners covered.

If weight-loss is your goal, Fresh Start’s calorie-controlled recipes will support you through your journey. The meals are designed at 450 calories or less per serving – including both vegetarian and readymade options. They’ve done all the tricky bits for you, so all you need to do is make the easy-to-follow healthy, incredibly tasty recipes and you’re set. 

Fresh Start Active is designed to fuel an active lifestyle, with a new range of protein-packed meals, also great for muscle repair and growth. Containing up to 650 calories and 35 grams or more of protein per serve. Select from 4 Active recipes each week, including 1x MADE meal, giving you more choice to suit your health and wellness goals. 

All Fresh Start recipes avoid refined sugar, are packed full of vegetables, and provide protein from lean meat and plant-based sources.

While Fresh Start is designed to have a good amount of protein, the carb level isn’t quite low enough to meet the requirements of a keto diet. But that doesn’t mean it won’t work! View the nutritional information when choosing meals to find the lower carb options. The fat content can also vary, however the recipes are incredibly flexible so you can easily swap out ingredients (for example use less rice or swap the kumara for non-starchy roasting veggies like cauliflower, eggplant, or courgette), and add more healthy fats to suit your keto needs!

Specially designed by their super knowledgeable chefs and nutritionists, you can be sure that the Fresh Start recipes will provide you with enough food. These Fresh Start experts have designed the portion sizes with men, women, and families in mind, and they also know that some days you may be hungrier than others!

If you feel like you need some extra calories, we’ve thought of some healthy options for you. Check out the ‘Hungry Mouths’ section on the Fresh Start blog, where you’ll find a handy guide for how you can bulk up your meals in a healthy way. 

Each recipe avoids refined sugar, is packed full of vegetables, and provides protein from lean meat and plant-based sources. Begin your fresh start today!

Subscribe to Fresh Start today: www.myfoodbag.co.nz/freshstart

Recipes are specially designed by Fresh Start’s Wellness panel. This includes Registered Dietician, Catherine Bell; Nutritionist Caitlin McKenzie, and Fresh Start Recipe Developer, Amber Thorensen with inspiration from Nadia Lim.

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