A good chat with Anna Coddington

Good caught up with Anna Coddington to talk about her upcoming album, Luck/Time and what gigs she’s looking forward to heading along to this summer. 

Words Natalie Cyra

For more on Anna Coddington’s album Luck/Time visit annacoddington.com

How is your soon-to-be released album, Luck/Time different to the other two albums you have released? 

I’ve been writing that whole five years since my last album, and in that time a lot has happened for me. I had a seven-year relationship fall apart, so that was massive. [Writing] was a very carthartic thing – the songs are about making sense of things, exercising demons. Then I met my current partner Dick and it wasn’t really my intention to go and find love again but I did, and it was really great. And then we had a baby – so that was full on! [Becoming a mother] just cracks you open – it takes you next level in terms of the human spectrum for emotions. You find new levels of love, new levels of fear, and all this other stuff around your identity and what makes you, you. It’s amazing for having stuff to draw on – I just feel like I’m living a different life now. That kind of arch is the main content for the album really, and all the things that come with having a child. 

What about the sound of your new music? 

I’ve been quite conscious of making music that I have enjoyed listening to over the last few years. Great drums and baselines have been a big part of my writing process for this album – there’s a lot of yacht-rock influence and groove focused songs rather than just writing everything on guitar which is what I used to do.  

Photography Mareea Vegas. Anna wears a Workshop Denim Womens Classic Linen Shirt 

Do you have a favourite track on the album? And why?

I have many favourites all for different reasons! ‘Bird In Hand’ is one because it really started the journey to making this album. Another is ‘Release Me’ because I feel like I really nailed the sound I was trying to catch on that one. Also ‘Without A Fight’ – that’s probably the song on the album that goes deepest emotionally and personally. The first two verses I wrote when I found out I was surprise pregnant with my son and I didn’t know what to do and they’re written from the perspective of foetus to mother. The last verse I wrote when he was around one and it’s written from me to him. It’s the heaviest song on there.

How excited are you to start touring again with new music? Are you nervous?

So, so excited. It’s been a long time since I toured with a full band and a new album, and my band is beyond good. You couldn’t assemble a better NZ band if you tried. So yes – can’t wait to play with them. And nervous – hell yes. That’s the thrill of touring – will anyone come?! Will we play well?! Hopefully it’s a yes to both!

If you had one artist you could collaborate with, who would it be?

I want to say Prince or Michael Jackson but a) they’ve both passed and b) I’d be so starstruck I wouldn’t be able to say anything. Maybe Yoko Ono? She says some out there but awesome things. I like her way with words.

Are there any other acts you’re personally looking forward to seeing play this summer?

I really want see Leisure. They’re like the Backstreet Boys or N Sync but with mega-indie cred. I love their songs. Also I’m going to PJ Harvey – wohoo!

Hero Image photography by Mareea Vegas. Anna wears Workshop Denim Womens Classic Linen Shirt and Womens Tailored Two Button Linen Blazer. For more on Anna Coddington’s album release tour dates and to hear her new music, visit annacoddington.com 

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