Kiwi fur-family is tackling plastic pet packaging

Do you ever open the cupboard, reach for the dog food, only to realise you ran out and look down and see those big eyes and fluffy face staring back at you? If you’ve been here before, you’ll know how it feels, especially when you’re about to run out the door to get to work on time.

My Furbaby co-founders Ben and Amy Rennell were in just this spot, and after a busy family morning and a mad dash to the shops they’d had enough. Wondering why there was no pet food subscription service available in New Zealand, they decided to build one themselves.

If simple, healthy, sustainable pet food delivered right to your door sounds good to you, then look no further. Their mission is helping humans be the best pet parents we can. That means taking better care of our pets, our planet and making it so easy you don’t even have to think about it!

With all of the nutrients your furry friends’ needs, this fabulous recipe suits all breeds and life stages, and will be delivered to your door. Every meal is a complete, balanced diet packed with all the nutrition your dog needs to thrive.

You only need to look at their packaging to see it is different from anything else in the pet food market. A lot of love has gone into these products.

“We’re on a mission to get pet parents to think about the carbon impact and waste created by their pets,” say Ben and Amy, as they share their best tips for feeding your fur babies and looking after our planet.

One of the most important tips is to consider how and what you feed your pet, because with wet food having a much larger carbon impact, it matters.

My Furbaby recommend an affordable base diet with core kibble such as their Chicken Dog Box. Toppers and treats should be optional from there.  

Would you believe a medium size dog produces as much carbon as a medium SUV? We can all think about how to overall lessen our pet’s impact on the environment, from choosing compostable poop bags, to recyclable or compostable packaging and toys.

“We’re on a mission to get pet parents to think about the carbon impact and waste created by their pets,” say Ben and Amy, as they share their best tips for feeding your fur babies and looking after our planet.

Many supermarket pet foods contain a lot of fillers and low-grade protein, and despite what you might hear, pricey vet food isn’t necessary for most pets to thrive. The My Furbaby Chicken Dog Box contains three protein sources for maximum nutrients and is a perfect all-stages core diet kibble.

Although you love your doggo to the ends of the earth, they don’t need all the bells and whistles humans might ‘think’ they need. They aren’t human, let’s face it, they’re actually dogs. Keep treats within 10-30 per cent of their daily diet to ensure you aren’t purchasing unnecessary plastics and allowing your dog to overconsume.

Overfeeding is like the human obesity epidemic with 60 per cent of dogs being overweight. This is creating unhealthy pets, not to mention it will increase your vet bills, as well as lesson their lifespan! My Furbaby recommends sticking to their personalised ‘calorie per day feeding plans’ – it’s the best way to not overfeed. You can use their free personalised feeding plan to make it easy for you to plan for your doggo, and even more easy to reduce the environmental impact your pet food is having.

Remember, all of this over consumption affects your wallet, as well as the environment.

You can beat fussy dog behaviours, or boredom at mealtimes, by making mealtimes fun. Use an excited voice, maybe a slow feeder, and make a fuss getting their dinners ready. Use limited toppers and extras within a strict daily calorie guide and give them lots of pats and loving encouragement around breakie and dinner times.

“We really believe the BEST way to show love to your fur baby is to spend quality time with them. Walks, runs, day trips, hanging on the sofa – however that looks for you both. They just want to be around you and make you proud,” says Amy.

My Furbaby are making it easier for pet parents to make better choices. What they can’t remove, is offset, and they are proudly carbon and plastic neutral with Carbon Click and rePurpose Global.

“Our biggest mission at My Furbaby is how to be more sustainable Kiwi pet parents,” she says. “A recent Stuff article shared a new research paper considering the environmental impact of owning a pet and the results speak for themselves. Owning a pet unfortunately comes at a massive impact on our planet.

“This recent research speaks to our brand. Everything we do, is to make it easier for pet parents to make a bigger difference.”

Check the Stuff article and see for yourself, is wet pet food as bad for the planet as long-haul flights?

My Furbaby provides the convenience of home delivery, with the flexibility of a plan made just for your dog. Forget those mad dashes to the shops at the worst of times or grabbing the only tin available at the local corner store, which is usually some imported tin with poor ingredients.

Your new box of dog food from My Furbaby will arrive just before you run out… and you won’t even have to think about it.

Begin your new pet food journey today with My Furbaby at http://www.myfurbaby.co.nz/

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