Interior wellness: tips for the home and office

A leader in the design and wellbeing space, we talk to owner and director of Spaceworks, Lizzi Whaley, about ways to change the spaces you work and live in to enhance your mood:

Natural Light

We all know that natural light is a real mood booster! A dark space can have an unwanted soporific effect – causing drowsiness or sleep.

If natural light is not possible, make sure your space is consistently well lit. It’s also a good idea to avoid shadows and glare on your computer. This is because dark spots and poor lighting when reading on screens can cause headaches and eye strain.

Fresh Air

Where possible, it’s great to circulate fresh air to stay alert and awake.


Chairs are often underrated and overlooked. The ability to sit comfortably for longer periods helps to prevent and minimise back issues. Chairs also assist with weight distribution and posture management.


Remember to set up your computer desk properly so that you’re not looking down at your computer screen. This can cause health and safety issues, including back pain and shoulder hunching.

Use a monitor arm or put your screen on a box for elevation. And for more tips for a healthy workstation, search online for more tools and advice.

Photos, artwork and decor

Choose inspirational images, colour and other items that make you feel great when you’re in your space as well as showcase your personality.


If you have the ability to look out the window at a view then do! Maximise this opportunity to have visual relief, and try to avoid facing a wall.

Read about fostering a space that promotes your creativity here.

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